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  1. jgalalcher

    Crash of PACX

    I am glad to report the issue reported yesterday with FSX being crashed by PACX has been resolved it appears. However, I was climbing through about 12000ft, and PACX crashed. Please note, I have PACX hiding to the System Tray disabled in the settings, and I can confirm it definitely was not just minimized. Jordan
  2. I have the same issue. I cannot hear PA announcements or the passengers, and I do have the voice playback checked. Also, I get no response from the cabin crew if I use the hot key I have setup and do things by voice. For example, I asked for expedited boarding, but I got no response from the flight attendant. Jordan
  3. I have noticed a serious problem PACX appears to be definitely crashing FSX. For example, I have been trying to do a flight from Dallas to New Orleans all afternoon, and FSX constantly has been crashing as long as PACX is running. If I do this flight without PACX, FSX works with no crashing at all allowing me to complete the flight.
  4. I find PACX to be a great program, but unlike SMARTCARS, it is in need of work accessibility wise. NVDA works somewhat as long as you are familiar with screen review and object navigation, but Jaws and System Access do not work at all with this program currently. Nothing is currently read when tabbing around, and this goes for all three screen readers listed. One big thing are the drop down lists. Screen readers cannot see or interact with those without using object navigation.