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  1. I'm new to TFDi products. I'm a Xplane 11 user and I must say I'm thrilled something like this exists for XP 11 but at the same time i'm not happy because of the issues i've run into. The application itself is pretty simple to operate nothing to fancy or complicated or simple minded. The main issues with XP 11 users are that they need to install XPUIPC and install there machines default IPv4 address as the address for the UIPC to work. Also when the application is installed there is no sound from the application PACX once installed it's just there. I have used all 3 of my keys up and had to have them reset but sadly after that I only have 1 left because it updated. I like that this product is for XP11 but I don't like how complicated it is to install, I sometimes feel like I have to call nasa to get help considering TFDi designs is not "friendly" on facebook they seem very stuck up. Problems I have found to be difficult for the XP11 user XPUIPC installation (There is no step by step guide on what and how to install this so it's all guessing work) PACX installation is also the same as #1 there is no step by step guide it's all guess work NO SOUND, once the application is installed and is in the correct folders the application still does not admit sound when it's connected to the simulation Screen glitches. Since this is an outside the simulation application once you bring up the PACX software through XP11 it micro freezes XP11 and makes the sim crash. Not enough support on something so new. TFDi needs to expand their range of support for each simulation that's supported so these "departments" know how to handle these issues because obviously there isn't enough support to go around considering the time it takes for just one ticket or message to be answered.
  2. In XP11 even XPUIPC doesn't even get recognized as a file. PACX keeps asking for P3D and FSUIPC for those simulations. I even used all 3 of my activation keys to try to get this thing running and I'm not able to try anymore. I bought it and I thought it was gonna be easy to install. Boy was I wrong, I need to contact NASA just to get help. I contacted TFDi on facebook and they ignored my messages so I submitted a ticket instead. I love the product and the company but this is getting really unruly.
  3. Lemmons94

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    yeah I used all my 3 activations trying to get this thing installed to XP 11 and I'm still clueless.
  4. Don't feel bad I couldn't even get XPUIPC to work and PACX wanted to keep asking for FSUIPC because it thought i was installing it to P3D. I never got 1 flight in. I even used up all 3 of my keys so im like great now i have to wait until i get a response to my ticket. 😑 I'm not impressed with facebook support from TFDi they ignored me and could care less.
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