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  1. Yeah that happened to me. If you have it too close to the right edge of the screen it will do it. I had to change the screen resolution to get to the x. I will try your suggestion. It would be handy to be able to drag it around the screen when it is open like that. Cheers Jeff
  2. Hi, firstly, this program has so much potential and I love it. Great job guys. 👍 I have done a couple of flights and uploaded them but the arrival times do not match the actual arrival time of my flight. (eg I did a night flight and the report says it was a day flight.) Where is it getting the time from? Are there any plans to make all the interaction announcements heard? Cheers Jeff
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    Installation folder

    Great, thank you 😊
  4. winpies

    Installation folder

    Hi, can PACX be installed in another location (eg create a folder TFDi\PACX straight under C drive ) rather than Program Files X86? Regards Jeff