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  1. Hi turbofandude, please ignore my suggestion number 1, I am currently in a flight with PACX and I have been able to add Jersey to the flight number, it never occurred to me that you could type text as well as numbers LOL, more testing required from me LOL. Cheers, Guy.
  2. Just quick update to this, I have now completed 3 flight using the combination of PACX and FSCaptain and have found no conflict other than having to mute the flight steward in FSCaptain. So an addition to my virtual flying has been achieved, great having passenger names and feed back, I'm looking forward to the next enhancements you're release. If you don't mind? I have a couple of thoughts on future additions, 1) Is there any chance that as well as a flight number could the name of an airline be added? I fly for a small virtual airline and would like the option to add it's name to the flight number e.g. Jersey European 731. 2) Is it possible that PACX might look at the SimObjects aircraft folder so that we can select the correct air-frame/texture with our virtual aircraft for the flight rather than a generic aircraft ID? I'm currently flying a Boeing 737-200 textured for my virtual airline, for my 3 flights I have used the B737-300 from the drop down menu without any problem but it would be nice to select the correct aircraft or input our own aircraft name and or description? Cheers, Guy.
  3. Good evening turbofandude, thank you for your prompt reply, purchase made. Guy.
  4. Good afternoon, thanks to Frooglesim latest vlog I have just discovered PACX, as a ex FSPassenger user (I moved to P3D) I am considering a purchase of this exciting product, I am also running FSCaptain Do you envisage a time were FSCaptain and PACX would communicate and work together, would there be a conflict running both? FSCaptain runs outside of P3D. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer, Regards, Guy.