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  1. Hi guys! So I just updated PACX to the newest version and did a flight. I am currently at the gate at Frankfurt (Engines off / Seatbelts signs off etc). Been sitting here for 5 minutes, PACX doesn't initiate the deboarding (says taxiing in). Is this still supposed to be an automatic process? Cheers, Tom
  2. This is great! Atleast he is happy!
  3. Tommius


    Dear TFDI, Thank you for this wonderful product! Been using PACX for a couple of days now! 1 thing I notice on every flight, people are getting hungry. No food or snacks are being served though and there is no way to initiate any service. Flight's are short haul (Max 200 NM). Is there a solution, am I doing something wrong here? Appreciate it, Tommius