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  1. This is a nice example of what I'd like to hear when it comes to boarding/boarding:
  2. Keep up the great work turbofandude, looking forward to the future of PACX!
  3. Great update guys, enjoying the interface and added features! Was wondering though, are passengers sounds being added later on or were they added already? Couldn't hear them then.
  4. Tommius

    The new PACX ?

    Well done guys, well done!
  5. Great job! Can't wait to try it out.
  6. Great to hear turbofandude! Been using PACX for awhile now, really enjoying what it offers.
  7. Oops, this should have been posted in the suggestions forum. My apologies.
  8. Hi guys! Would be nice to have additional passenger sounds/ambiance added when boarding and deboarding. We can only hear the FA, what about the ambiance of an aircraft full of passengers? Best regards, Tom
  9. Hi everyone, Is it possible to add the Fokker 50 to the PACX aircraft list? Would like to use PACX while using the Carenado F50! Highly appreciate it, Tom
  10. Hi guys! So I just updated PACX to the newest version and did a flight. I am currently at the gate at Frankfurt (Engines off / Seatbelts signs off etc). Been sitting here for 5 minutes, PACX doesn't initiate the deboarding (says taxiing in). Is this still supposed to be an automatic process? Cheers, Tom
  11. This is great! Atleast he is happy!
  12. Tommius


    Dear TFDI, Thank you for this wonderful product! Been using PACX for a couple of days now! 1 thing I notice on every flight, people are getting hungry. No food or snacks are being served though and there is no way to initiate any service. Flight's are short haul (Max 200 NM). Is there a solution, am I doing something wrong here? Appreciate it, Tommius