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  1. FB2S

    250 at 10,000ft

    please, this needs to be fixed.
  2. FB2S

    250 at 10,000ft

    Please add a time buffer to the exceeding 250 below 10,000ft, whenever there's a sid or star the requires me to be a 250 at 10,000ft and there's any amount of turb i get dinged even though i was only pushed up to 251 or 252. Please fix this.
  3. It'd be awesome to have the 10,000 ft announcements be triggered by the chime and or seatbelt sign when passing 10,000 ft. instead of it just playing. because in real life if imagine that the FA wouldn't know when the reached 10,000 ft until the chime dinged. also id be nice to for seatbelt sign to tiger the seabelt announcement instead of having to go into the PACX menu.
  4. Dang, I’m loving this more than I thought I ever would! You guys and gals did an amazing job. After doing a few flight I do have some suggestions. 1, I’d love to have a PTT key binding option because there have been instances that the listening screen gets stuck for a bit after I stop talking, a cancel listing click spot would be nice too because I’ve had a cauple of cases where it gets stuck on the listening screen even after I stop talking. 2, I think it’d be cool if the cabin announcement for descending through and climbing through 10,000ft was triggered by the chime or seatbelt sing going on the off. 3, there need to be something that says the FA are doing drink/food service is being conducted. 4, I’d like to be able to move around the UI so it’s not in the middle of the screen Now for the things I’ve noticed. I’ve seen some streamers and pics showing the flight overview page having three lines, boarding in, passenger satisfaction, and cabin status, mine dose not have a third line, why is that?