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  1. I was just wondering if a future feature would be pre-recorded, like captain to Crew and captain to passenger messages available? merry x-mas
  2. Copenhagen Oslo Stockholm Munich Barcelona Madrid London Manchester Glasgow Dublin Europe all in all
  3. Your definition of "soon" seems different from the rest of the world ;).. may i suggest in the hope of it affecting users/potiential buyers.. do it the german way... set a "realistic" date a little bit further away than what you think you would release and then "suprise" everyone with an "early release" ;)...
  4. Hi, i cant use my license anymore as i have run out of activations due to reinstallations. I have sent a ticket but nothing heard, am i suppose to report it in here or have i missed something? Thanks in advance
  5. Wulfkai

    PACX wont open

    I have the exact same problem after reinstallation, it just shows the windows blue loading circle but nothing happens installed in the exact same place as the above person
  6. No, one for boarding and one for safety.. safety video worked perfect regardless of the volume, which is my own problem to solve :).. but the boarding music kept repaeating it self until the borading itself ended? i dont see that as anything faulty on the contrary
  7. mine is being repeated again and again until boarding stops?
  8. This is a really awesome feature, however is there anyway to control the volume output on the safety video or boarding music? the general volume seems to also turn down the womans voice which i do not wish to? i am using lufthansa, converted from youtube, wav files to play both boarding music and safety video hope anyone can help thx in advance