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  1. Ryz

    Two Suggestions

    1, please add the 737 originals. I added them myself but they really should be in there by default. I even mentioned the 737 originals when I suggested retro aircraft. Was disappointed to see they weren't added. 2, also, make the boarding music pause during announcements. And make it last until takeoff. In real life it pauses during announcements and the airlines I've ridden on have it play until take off. it also plays after landing and continues until the plane is at the gate. I'm loving PacX. the latest update is awesome. The specific announcements are kind of jarring but I understand why its like that.
  2. Ryz

    One Suggestion

    I don't know if this has been suggested but it would be real nice to have an option to turn off the PA effect on the custom safety briefing. I use actual airline safety videos from youtube and the PA effect makes it sound really strange and bad. So it'd be nice to have an option to turn that off.
  3. Ryz

    Speaker Effect

    The departure time is departure from the airport, as in time until takeoff. Its not departure from the gate. Its very confusing and could definitely be worded better. It mixed me up the first time as well.
  4. You probably get this a lot but would it be possible to have announcement profiles to add custom sounds to? You don't even have to add any sounds to them just let users add the sounds. I have a bunch of custom sounds I use for fscaptain but I prefer pacx and it's disappointing to not be able to use my sound files.
  5. Ryz

    Classic Planes

    It'd be cool if you could add support for classic planes like the 737-100/200, 727, 707, etc... some people like flying them and not having them as a choice is slightly disappointing.
  6. It would be cool if we could have ambient music while boarding, taxiing and deboarding. Have it as an option when starting a flight. Also having an announcement for night flights that say the cabin lights will be turned off during taxi, takeoff and landing.
  7. Ryz

    A couple small issues

    Good to know but the address. But the audio things happens very rarely. It might be my headset. It happens very randomly with no reason it seems. It very well could just be my headset
  8. Overall I love it. It's really enjoyable. But there are two small issues. 1, sometimes the audio stops working randomly and I have to end flight and start it back up. It's annoying but not really the end of the world. It happens very randomly. mostly on the ground though. 2, the general address needs work. Specifically the voice recognition part. From what I can gather it converts your voice into a sound file then plays it. But sometimes it gets stuck on listening and it doesnt actually end. I feel a good solution for that is having a hotkey to end the listening part. Other than those two issues I love and it was well worth the price.