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  1. Hello, I'm still not sure how to set up the "time before takeoff" and the "flight time". I would assume the time before takeoff is from when I start PACX to wheels up on the takeoff (so includes taxi?). So if the flight time is wheels up to wheels down, how is the taxi time to the gate taken into account? If I am stuck on the tarmac for 20 minutes trying to get to my gate after landing does that mean I will be late or does it not matter as long as I landed when expected? And if I land a few minutes late, but get to the gate quickly, will I be forgiven or am I already late? Or if I take off late, but make up for it at cruise, will I be on time? I know that block timing is shown at the end, and I believe changes were made so that time can be made up after take-off, but would like to make sure I set up the time correctly at the start. Thanks so much!
  2. Never mind, it is working now. I think a reboot of my computer may have helped. Sorry, I thought I posted this yesterday but looks like I didn't submit it.
  3. Hello. By the way, thanks for this update. The key bindings work much better and appreciate the additional cities in the announcements. Especially fixing the "descending into <blank>" issue. However, I can't seem to record an announcement. When I click on the microphone on the menu, or move the mouse over the PA button on the 737 NGX, I immediately get the dialog box to specify the type of announcement. After I complete that, the box disappears and nothing happens. I don't get the "listening...." cue where I can record myself. I did check and make sure I have the "play back voice" option checked in the menu. Thanks. --Don
  4. OK, I just flew the CRJ again. When I got to the gate and turned the seat belt sign off, set the parking brake and shutdown the engines, PACX said I was still Taxiing. Then, I went into the interaction menu and chose "Seatbelt sign off" and then deboarding started. Even though I did not hear the flight attendant announce that the sign was off as I do when in the air. I had the seatbelt sign control set to "partial".
  5. I have 09.06 and the updater says I have the latest version. Is there a newer one? Maybe something unique with the Aerosoft CRJ?
  6. The seat belt control is set to "partial". Maybe it should be set to "none"? I did not have this issue before the last couple updates.
  7. This same thing just happened to me. I am flying the Aerosoft CRJ700 and when I got to the gate I set the parking brake, cut engines, turned off seatbelt sign/all lights and opened the doors. GSX started deboarding and I even shut off the battery to go Cold and Dark and PACx still said I was Taxiing. New issue since I last updated the other day.