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  1. OK, I just flew the CRJ again. When I got to the gate and turned the seat belt sign off, set the parking brake and shutdown the engines, PACX said I was still Taxiing. Then, I went into the interaction menu and chose "Seatbelt sign off" and then deboarding started. Even though I did not hear the flight attendant announce that the sign was off as I do when in the air. I had the seatbelt sign control set to "partial".
  2. I have 09.06 and the updater says I have the latest version. Is there a newer one? Maybe something unique with the Aerosoft CRJ?
  3. The seat belt control is set to "partial". Maybe it should be set to "none"? I did not have this issue before the last couple updates.
  4. This same thing just happened to me. I am flying the Aerosoft CRJ700 and when I got to the gate I set the parking brake, cut engines, turned off seatbelt sign/all lights and opened the doors. GSX started deboarding and I even shut off the battery to go Cold and Dark and PACx still said I was Taxiing. New issue since I last updated the other day.