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  1. No! My Direct X-10 preview mode is disabled.
  2. Here you go All lights are supposedly on in these three pictures. Nothing showing up in the exterior. Regards Omid
  3. Many thanks turbofandude; it sounds like the problem has been acknowledged and is being worked on. In any case, if molleh has had his/her problem fixed by placing those files in the relevant directories it might be worth giving a try.
  4. Good day molleh and others After reading your posts I went back and checked my 717 in FSX and noticed I've been having the same problem without noticing it! Molleh, I don't have P3D and don't know which files you're talking about. Is it possible that you somehow share yours with us? I acknowledge they might be copyright protected TFDI material but hey, we're TFDI customers with a potential solution to a software problem and I don't think the admin would mind. Many thanks Omid
  5. Yes! Autorudder is and has always been on in my simulator. But other AC are not affected by it.
  6. Good day I'm able to use my rudder pedals on my yoke to steer all other FSX aircraft on the ground; however, with this beautiful bird I can't do this and I have to use the aileron axis to turn the AC to right or left on the ground and in some cases I end up banking the aircraft. This is particularly problematic on landing when I struggle to keep the AC on the center line. Can anybody point me to a solution? Many thanks Omid