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  1. "The Concept" "PACX seeks to bring the feeling of responsibility and the significance of traveling with passengers and crew to your simulator. It is designed to be unintrusive, varied, dynamic, and simple to use and works with any aircraft across all of the major platforms." The list check is a substantial element of the PACX concept.
  2. Hello: Could the PACX, software include and play the background voices of ATC, and pilots on the ground or in the air? Good day, good luck!
  3. Hello: I was wondering if PACX could, at the beginning, include an airport background sound that introduces the player to the life of air travel from the very moment of his first pass through PACX. I mean something like a PACX introduction symbol, which like the lion of the MGM, identifies its creators and users forever. Good day, good luck

    The checklist:

    A suggestion for the PACX community: What is the possibility of having a generic flight checklist covering, for example, pre-flight, taxi before take-off, post-take-off, descent, landing, parking and end of flight. The idea is a list suitable for any type of aircraft. Also, it would be great if the player had the opportunity to include custom list checks that could be added to aircraft and used in the game. Good afternoon, good luck. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  5. TOP 10 Most Dangerous Airports in the World
  6. Hello: PACX could offer the possibility of choosing some very special missions or flight routes because of their historical background, their degree of difficulty, specific risks or dangers. When will Santa arrive with his latest update Merry Christmas
  7. Will Santa be able to arrive this year with his new update?
  8. Don't worry, it was just a friendly joke
  9. Because a passenger plane without passengers would be something like a U.F.O. , without Martians, but no one is interested in the marital status of the passengers or the Martians. It's simply a matter of priorities and needs. Good night, good luck.
  10. I respect your views on the subject, but it seems to me that the issue has no relevance to the development of the game or to the achievement of the objectives imposed.
  11. What does that mean, "nzpg Pegasus Field"
  12. "Everything that can be imagined is real."- Pablo Picasso