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  1. Dear Turbofandude, everything has been solved. Thank you very much for your help. Good luck, good night
  2. Hello, I really want to change the password to access the forums, but then asks me the old password and as I can not see it, (only a few black dots), then I can not change it Greetings and thanks
  3. Good morning I'm trying to modify my password, but I haven't been able to get the page to accept my current password, so I can't include the new one. What can I do ? Thank you
  4. I understand the need to remain within the framework of the original conception of the PACX. Dear Turbofandude, thank you very much for your attention and patience. Good luck and we look forward to the future update of this excellent and serious project. Well, I think "That's all friends".
  5. It would also be interesting to explore the possibility of: 1.- Start boarding only when opening doors + door sounds 2.- Notice of open doors and authorization to start boarding 3.- Notice of secured doors and passengers in their seats 4.- Basic global checklist classified by type of aircraft or generic for all aircraft that allows to follow, if desired, the order of verification of conditions for the start of the flight. The same could be included in the pre-landing operation. Example, turn on engines, lights, flaps, landing gear, and a etc, long or short to PACX consideration. Greetings Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  6. I am actually referring to icons or advertisements that are always visible and if possible available to the player. What I'm trying to say is that I wish PACX would go beyond the written advertisements and go to the visuals. Sometimes I get the feeling that the control panel needs to be permanent, transparent, reducible in size and show the state and development of things. I have the impression that there is something like a kind of divorce between player and software perhaps because we do not have the control panel permanently nor does it show the status and development of situations permanently. Well I don't know, in short they are just ideas, suggestions for you, the authors of the software, to make the decisions that you consider pertinent. Look at the example image, but don't take it as a comparison, please. PAXC, it's excellent! Greetings Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  7. And if it's not possible for the player to have control of these items, then it would be good to see announcements that food, beverage, belt or toilet services are active or in development. This could be indicated, for example, by a specific light color or a progress bar. Thank you, thank you very much.
  8. Dear Turbofandude With regard to point 5, I would like to clarify that what has been requested is that the function of offering meals, passing mouths, drinks or turning on safety warnings to fasten belts or others should not only be automatic, but also available for free use by the player. It is a function that, although it depends on the flight attendants, makes the participation of the players more active during the development of the trip because it gives them the option of interacting and it amuses them. Thank you very much for your response and for the opportunity to give your opinion, and to consider some of the proposals. You have been very kind and generous as always. Happy day, and successes
  9. Good Morning Turbofandude The question of what proposals I have to make the intervention of the player more active in the use of PACX is not easy to answer, but we will try it with some humble and respectful suggestions of other functions that would be executed by default in the software or commands that would be assigned directly to the player: 1.- Implement the ranks of civil or military aviation according to the flight hours of each particular player. 2.- Implement sanctions of loss of rank or prizes for serious or minor infractions, obviously not with real-world regulations, but with those derived from the game. For example, rolling on the grass, collision between airplanes or an airplane against a structure, rolling without the passengers having fastened their seat belts or without closing the airplane doors, and any other possible and inadmissible level of the game. 3.- Subject the progress of the race, its scores or decorations to the levels chosen by the player to fly. That is, if the player chooses to fly in easy mode, where for example, colliding does not prevent the flight from continuing, the player's progress will be less than if he flies in difficult mode where they will be greater. 4.- PACX, I could count on a car of follow me, incorporated to the control panel, to ask for help and guide the airplanes to the head of the runway or assigned parking area after landing, without having to resort to the effective ones , but very irrelevant, yellow arrows of current simulators? 5.- During the flight passengers could enjoy a coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner or a movie at the player's decision, but always at the right time. That is, a breakfast can never be served on land or at the time of landing. The duration of these services is determined by the software, as well as in what kind of aircraft can be provided. The software automatically or directly by the player could decide to interrupt these services due to turbulence or other reasons. 6.- Include as a player option a command or button that activates the warning "Crew prepare for takeoff" 7.- Include as a player option a command or button that activates the warning "Crew prepare for landing" 8- Include sounds that reflect the reactions of fear, shock or panic, among other emotions of passengers in situations of risk such as severe turbulence or severe storms. 9.- Include in the software a random programming that introduces announcements of electrical, mechanical or other failures in the plane during any phase of the flight that presses the immediate decision making by the player. Failures may be that an engine has stopped running, the lights are not working, the altimeter has broken down, the amount of fuel is alarming, etc. The consequences are also many and varied, for example you should look for an alternate airport, return to the airport of departure or make an emergency landing. 10.- Include occasional and random warnings of emergency situations such as kidnapping, passenger health problems that force the player to react and make a decision 11.- Include the option to notify passengers about turbulence, storms or other unexpected weather events. "Ladies and gentlemen, we are going through an area of turbulence, keep your belts fastened until further notice." 12.- If the player exceeds the reasonable limits of alcohol service among passengers, the final evaluation of the flight will have to sanction the crew in some way. PACX decides 13.- A warning light could be included indicating if the toilet is occupied, free or cannot be used. The needs of that service could be influenced in the evaluation of the flight by the passengers. 14.- Can the captain or his first officer communicate to passengers that they are flying over a specific site of special tourist interest such as the Colorado Canyon, the Alps, the Andes, the capital of a city, etc.? Well, I thank you very much for the opportunity to comment on the topic of the future development of PACX, and I wish you a good day Regards
  10. Dear, Turbofaunde I know it's too early to make new suggestions, but from the use of the recently updated PACX, I get the idea that software development presents a strong tendency to high technology and precision, in contrast to a somewhat weak development in the field of human emotions. It is a matter of concepts. I explain myself: Flight simulators are undoubtedly programs that technologically require greater precision and tools that bring them closer to reality or improve their use, but we cannot forget that flight simulators are above all games where users seek emotions, have fun and have a good time. In my humble opinion, the creators of PACX, should grant a more active role to the player during all the phases of the flight, by means of the granting of functions that turn it every time into a more active and less passive element of the great game of the aerial simulation. Walking there is no way, you make way by walking Greetings, and thank you very much for your attention and excellent work.
  11. Don't discard the follow me, please !
  12. Hello Turbofaunde: 1.- Actually I mean that the offer of drinks or meals could also be controlled by the player-user not only automatically. The announcement and setting of movies could also depend on the player. This does not matter if the player flies in career or private mode, but always respecting that those services are provided only in private luxury airplanes or airlines. 2.- It would be great if the cabin could warn of storms, turbulence or other phenomena during the flight, and that consequently we could hear sounds of fear, fear, jolts, or voices of the passengers that of course would affect the general level of their satisfaction. 3.- Yes, announcement of the overflight over points of interest, and as you say this could affect the levels of passenger satisfaction. If you do, you might consider including sounds of satisfaction, admiration, amazement, etc. 4.- Follow me PACX, with its car, flag or emblems rolling on the runway while guiding the airplanes, is such a necessary complement that its presence would not only advertise the product, but also distinguish it from any other similar and would make it indispensable for users. Just imagine for a second a user with a huge 757, lost in a labyrinth of runways, doors or gates of airports such as JFK, Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas or London-Heathrow, and suddenly comes the PACX follow me, and rescues the pilot from the labyrinth. Great truth! Greetings and thanks for your attention to these humble suggestions. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  13. Good morning, I would like to know if the concept of the PACX project includes for the near future the possibility that: 1.- During the flight passengers can enjoy a coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner or a movie? 2.- Passengers' reactions to risk situations such as turbulence or severe storms can be heard, seen or monitored. 3.-The captain or his first officer can communicate to the passengers that they are flying over a specific site of special tourist interest such as the Colorado Canyon, the Alps, the Andes, a city capital, Etcetera? I remember a small program called FSGeoNavi10, which fulfilled a similar function to the one mentioned here, but not from the cabin but as an announcement on screen. 4.- PACX, can have a follow me service, incorporated to the control panel, to call for help and guide the airplanes to the head of the assigned takeoff runway or parking area after landing, without the need to resort to the effective, but very irrelaes yellow arrows of the current simulators ? Greetings and many successes Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  14. The technical and conceptual aspects make up a whole of precision, clarity and logic that make this software a clean and excellent job that is certainly a real pleasure to have.
  15. Hello everyone: Yesterday I tried the PACX for the first time, updated, and I don't consider it too much to say that: The technical and conceptual aspects make up a whole of precision, clarity and logic that make this software a clean and excellent job that is certainly a real pleasure to have. Congratulations !