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  1. rogerd


    Another question. Is there a way to increase the pushback distance .I get about 20 feet and it stops
  2. rogerd


    Ok Thanks for the reply. Sounds great
  3. rogerd


    I have the 717 installed in FSX and would like to know if I can install it in P3D .Do I have to purchase it again to do that? And what version of P3D would be best for this
  4. rogerd


    How to set pushback distance with the 717 .Mine push back is about 20 feet and stops.
  5. rogerd

    Take off

    Using a joy fine on my other aircraft PMDG ,Quality wings Aerosoft .When sitting at the gate it shows in (outside view) left ailerons up right is down ..In the cockpit mode the config screen shows it to be ok. I don't get it
  6. rogerd

    Take off

    One other question.My ailerons after landing do not neutralize ? Any idea why
  7. rogerd

    Take off

    When starting with ready for take off option selected the procedure after take off is gear up then left click speed button then Nav then auto pilot then prof button .Is this correct
  8. rogerd

    Flying up

    I will next time if it happens Thanks
  9. rogerd

    Flying up

    When I disconnect auto throttle on fhe 717 just before the ruway the plane tilts up and over Flys the runway
  10. rogerd

    717 Vspeeds

    Thanks, I ran into another question for you if you don't mind. When I entered the waypoints they populate but the altitudes and speeds do not . It is just a line where they should show
  11. rogerd


    Ok Thanks
  12. rogerd


    How does the 717 pick up the loc without a loc or approach setting.Does it do it just by runway ILS and course?