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  1. Hello TFDI, Had a positive experience using PACX for the first time. There is something great in the making here, and I am sure it will sure prove it's worth. There are some aspects that could do with some rethinking in my opinion, though. I will list them below in subheadings for each menu. Flight status/Passenger View: Would like to see each of the icons for the different needs and attributes of the passengers be shown in different colours. What I mean is if a person is male or female, the logo should be blue or pink, or if they're very hungry, the logo shows up as blue. Would look a lot more visually appealing than the current green logos. Also would be cool to see different logos or pictures depending on these needs. I think it might also be a good idea to have a manual override for the different stages of flight. Good option to get things back on track if your FS or PACX decides you've landed at 35,000 feet. Settings: I don't like the current UI for settings. The "auto-hide delay" option is likely to be the most used option, and I think on the main ui page there should be a toggle to turn off or on auto hide. The auto hide is likely to be kept on while people are entering data into the flight planning page, while people double check their flight time, number of pax etc. on a different tab. The current process is really tedious, as it is quite easy to forget to scroll to the bottom of the page to apply the settings, especially considering the current option is within eyesight once immediately opening the menu. Most menus with an "apply" button have that button visible at all times on the menu page. Given this, I would just remove that button. Flight Planning Page: Generally with the menu, I was confused at how to format some of the information to be used by the program. eg. Should flight time by 90 or 1:30? Should Cruise Altitude be FL350 or 35,000? Either include in the title or add little tooltips to give people a hand filling this out. Also, I found that if I clicked OK without a valid input, I would not be able to exit the page, with the "Cancel" and "OK" buttons dimming a little. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong here, but have a check of that. When typing in the ICAO codes, they should be capitalised. If possible, they could also give the name of the airport. I think time until takeoff should be replaced be the Scheduled time of departure, this makes it easier to copy a real-life schedule, especially considering these schedules consider the time to leave the gate. Given this, scheduled time of arrival would also make sense, instead of flight time. The estimated flight time could be calculated comparing these two times. I'm guessing there are so many little things that you guys are itching to add in and us simmers are itching to see, but here are my two cents about you guys can create a really strong foundation for a product I can't wait to see develop.