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  1. I was waiting forever for someone to release this real world operator livery, so had a go myself, using Fabio's blank textures. (It's basically just the name of the operator on the fuselage and the revised registration!).
  2. JYW

    CTD - DTO

    Wow, that was quick! You guys rock
  3. JYW

    CTD - DTO

    Hi guys, I just got a CTD when performing a DTO, and the error message asked me to provide you guys with the log file. Hope this is the right place to do that! I've never had one of these DTO errors before, but I've read that some have. I was setting a DTO to "KAS" (VOR in Greece), on a flight between LGSK and LIRN. Anyhoo, log attached! Cheers, Bill TFDi_Design_717.zip
  4. JYW

    Adjusting fuel

    Thank you sir - I can affirm that I was able to change fuel load via FSX, from a cold and dark situation. Thanks for the help!
  5. JYW

    Adjusting fuel

    Thanks for the reply TFD, I thought I had tried updating fuel via the FSX menu with engines/APU off, but thinking about it, the APU may have been running! Thanks, I'll try this.
  6. JYW

    Adjusting fuel

    Hi, I am loving the latest update of the 717 - fantastic aircraft now! I just have one issue - am I right in thinking that the only way to change the fuel load with this addon, is via going into Windows mode, opening the Addon Manager and setting fuel there? I have tried updating fuel via the standard FSX 'fuel and payload' menu but the changes I make do not get saved - when I come out of the fuel and payload menu, the 717's fuelling returns to what it was before hand. Is there any way to change fuel loading via the FMC? My issue is that I have some sort of long term Gremlin with FSX / Nvidia, whereby when I come out of full screen mode into Windows mode, I sometimes get a black screen, and/or a CTD. I have no other aircraft addons that require fuel loading to be set via an external program, in Windows mode, so have never had this issue until now. So, my questions would be:- 1). Is there currently a way to set fuel without using the external addon manager? (It seems not). 2). Are there any plans to make fuel loading more versatile? Eg. It would be great if fuel could be set in the Addon Manager before the sim is loaded, and the fuel values saved, ready for when the sim and aircraft are loaded. 3). Are there any plans to add a fuel loading option to the Menu of the FMC, or even an in-sim "TFDi" menu option on the FSX/P3D menu bar? 4). Lastly, if all this is not planned, could it be made so that the FSX fuel and payload menu will allow fuel loading for the 717? Many thanks in advance, Bill
  7. JYW

    When will the 717 be ready for primetime?

    I personally think people are getting carried away and exagerating the extent of the bugs. I'm enjoying it. Across the standard envelope it functions just fine. The biggest issue for me at the moment, is the poor ILS capture. When that is resolved it'll be a fantastic airliner.
  8. JYW

    Volotea Livery - Released!

    Thank you so much for your hard work and effort, Emi.
  9. JYW

    When will we see some liveries...

    I love everything about this team, the product, and the dedication to support it. But I agree, the wait for liveries is painful and somewhat disappointingly long. (Especially for European flyers, who have no repaints at all to enjoy with this fine bird). Personally I think the aircraft should have released with Delta, Volotea and Turmenistan - to give American, European and Asian flyers at least something to fly in their continents with.
  10. JYW

    Performance with v1.05

    I'm seeing a massive performance boost with 1.05. 60 FPS stable, even at addon airports in busy areas. This is with 'sensible' settings in FSX.
  11. JYW

    1.0.5 update

    No LOC capture here either.
  12. Hi folks, Attached is a LUA script, (with all of the hard work done by @Skipy), that allows you to assign the 717's MCP functions (Nav, Hdg-/Hdg+, etc, etc) to keyboard commands, using FSUIPC. All MCP commands work, except PROF, which is not yet working. The Autoflight function is not included, as this can be mapped to the standard FSX/P3D key command for AP MASTER, so does not require the LUA. To use this, you need to extract the LUA script from the zip, and place it in your FSX/P3D's Modules folder. In FSUIPC (registered version), you then need to assign a keyboard command to each of the MCP functions, and then assign these to the FSUIPC command "LUA TFDI AP". You then need to set the Parameter field in FSUIPC for the desired MCP function you are assigning. These parameters are :- --37- MACH/KTS --38- Spd + --39- Spd - --40- Spd chg --41- Spd hold --42- Spd FMS --43- Min + --44- Min - --45- Hdg + --46- Hdg - --47- Hdg chg --48- Hdg hold --49- Hdg Nav --50- Alt + --51- Alt - --52- Alt chg --53- Alt hold --54- Alt Nav --55- VS + --56- VS - --57- VS/FPA --58- APP/LOC --59- ATS switch off Once again, the real work here was done by Skipy - I just spent an hour tidying up his work in progress and testing them via FSUIPC. This LUA script should mean that users with hardware, that can work with key commands (eg GoFlight) should now be able to assign the 717's MCP functions to their hardware. TFDI_AP.zip
  13. JYW

    Key assignments

    Ok, I made some corrections to @Skipy's LUA work (there were some 'else' commands in, and some 'end' commands missing), and I can confirm that these work beautifully with the TFDi 717. I have personally only worked on the MCP commands, and can confirm that all of them work, except PROF (which seems to be referred to as 'Alt Nav'. It is an absolute treat being able to operate the 717's MCP with key commands (especially the heading knob, which spins much faster now!). This should also allow configuration with some hardware (Goflight, etc) that can work with key commands. I'll share my LUA script via Dropbox on a dedicated thread in the main section (rather than support). Cheers.
  14. JYW

    Key assignments

    Oh wow - @Skipy if this LUA script works, I owe you 10 beers!!!
  15. JYW

    Want to Turn Off Keyboard entry to CDU

    Click the centre of the CDU's screen, to turn on/off keyboard entry.