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  1. Hello deltaflyer, I have the same issue. All the cabin lights only work when the external power is connected or the APU is running. Problem is, at nighttime my overhead is so dark that I cannot find the Battery switch, which I need to press before switching on the external Power or APU. Would be glad if TFDI has a easy solution to this (did I miss anything to avoid that problem?). Would appreciate a flashlight
  2. Hey Collin, wow, apologies for calling out Bug! Looks like I have not used the 717 so long, I forgot how to use it. IRS is aligned. Solved! Thank you!
  3. Hello everybody, yesterday I tried to start up the B717 after some time not using the aircraft. Hence i needed to update the version via the TFDI Addon Manager. I updated to and experienced not being able to align the IRS anymore. I am on external power, Chokes set, and get the IRS1 No align and IRS2 No align error. Checking the Status in the FMC i see that excessive Movement shall be the problem. Also the status lights in the overhead are illuminated constantly during alignment which i guess shouldnt be the case. So I asked a friend to try it in his B71
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