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  1. Nope, just a single 2080Ti, although I reloaded my PC from scratch yesterday and everything is OK so far with all the planes. I still have to get everything completely up to date as far as drivers and addins but hopefully I'll do that today. If I hit the point where the error reoccurs I'll let you know and hopefully pinpoint exactly what driver/addin triggers it. I do have the crash dumps from when it failed yesterday if they're of any help? Mike
  2. This is a weird one. Running P3d in windowed mode and selecting the 717 loads and runs ok. Unfortunately as soon as I move the window around on the desktop I get a crash. This only happens with the main P3D window - if I open a second display window and undock it I can move that around with no problems. The issue seems to occur with other planes that have TrueGlass incorporated (Milviz Twotter, Aerosoft A3xx etc). Is this a known problem or something new ? System is Win10, nVidia 2080Ti with 431.60 drivers Mike