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  1. mem1991

    PACXBridge FSX

    Unfortunately this makes no difference buddy even on a fresh install of FSX without literally nothing still doesn’t work
  2. mem1991

    PACXBridge FSX

    Hello Collin, correct i can confirm that the PACX Bridge shows the correct path, However still no menu unfortunately which is rather confusing
  3. mem1991

    PACXBridge FSX

    Thanks Turbofandude and im using FSX Accel windows 10 1903
  4. mem1991

    PACXBridge FSX

    Hi there recently installed PACX install went ok however i dont have the menu in fsx itself, checked the dll.xml and it shows the correct name to be loaded in however the menu doesn't show this is on version also tried the Networked method how this works i have no idea ? followed the instruction manual to add a Settings.xml file with your IP Address this didn't work now ive used up all activations as ive had to reinstall on the main computer fsx is installed on,