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  1. inuyashaknight


    Does this happen if you start the 717 from simulator load?
  2. Inital reports for the 717 in Prepar3D V5.2 are looking very promising. However, if you'd like to help out please join our discord community and then apply for the role "717 Beta Tester in v5" within the assign roles channel.
  3. Hi LasseT64 Click and scroll on the seating layout of the aircraft in PACX and you'll see the additional rows.
  4. Hi LasseT64 Can you send us a screenshot and explain to us what is not displaying properly? Thanks, Touy Smith Support Representative
  5. Hi Leinhto We are happy that the solution worked. Please don't hesitate to contact us back at anytime.
  6. Hi Leinhto In Windows audio settings you can set your "default" device using this tutorial here: After that PACX will detect the "default" microphone as the one through your headset.
  7. Hi Cflord Can you try to re-install the 717? See if that works for you.
  8. Hi Leinhto Are you making the switch in Windows Audio settings? For audio output you can change that in the PACX settings directly.
  9. Hi Timsierramist There is no file size limit per say with PACX however there are specific types of files that PACX will accept. Please see our guide on custom audio files with PACX: https://support.tfdidesign.com/support/solutions/articles/62000211795-custom-audio-files-in-pacx
  10. Hi Leinto PACX must have a crew at all times, however depending on the aircraft PACX will dectect the number of crew that are required. Thanks, Touy Smith Support Representative
  11. Hi Leinhto Unfortunately smartCARS only supports websites with phpVMS. Thanks, Touy Smith Support Representative
  12. Hi LasseT64 PACX will detect the aircraft seaating layouts from XML files that come with thet program. However you can customize these files if you so choose too, you can see how-to in our guide here: Please let us know if these solutions work for you. Thanks, Touy Smith Support Representative
  13. Hi Leinhto As long there is a phpVMS installation and the proper web scripts installed on the web host, then yes smartCARS connection data can be pointed to a server of your choice. Thanks, Touy Smith Support Representative
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