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  1. I was speaking with a friend of mine, a former 717 Pilot. In asking about the auto-start sequence of the 717, he referenced that their SOP was not to use the auto-start because the engines on the 717 are susceptible to tail pipe fires. Their procedure was to wait until N1 spool up was indicated and then add fuel. He said, at times, this could take upwards of a minute to happen. Finding this interesting, I went to perform the same procedure in the sim, but noticed the N1 doesn't indicate all in the simulation prior to adding fuel. Only after fuel has been added does this happen and the N1 comes alive with 4.7 to 5.0 as the first indication we see. I just wanted to bring this up, as its something I would have NEVER noticed had I not been informed about this specific start-up procedure. Maybe a look at the N1 spool up in the next bug fix. Thank you for this awesome plane!! Kind Regards, -Dan-
  2. I would love to see a possible JetBlue, AeroMexico, or Allegiant! All fictional I know! -Dan-
  3. Looks like this is isolated to TFDI. PMDG 737 generated the same route with no issues in arrival runway placement. Thanks, -Dan-
  4. Is anyone else having issues with arrival airport runways showing up hundreds of miles away from the actually airport position? I've had this happen twice in a row with very random airports. KTYS and KSDF. Both times the runway listed in FMC shows up hundreds of miles from the approach. I haven't tested with another aircraft yet, so I don't know if this is a AIRAC 1813 issue or a TFDI issue with this specific AIRAC. Anyone else have this problem? I thought it was isolated to KTYS, but its strange its doing this with another random airport. Thanks, -Dan-
  5. I Solved my own problem. Because this was a clean install of FSX, I had forgotten to apply Highmemfix as well as my affinity mask settings. Updating my FSX CFG with tweaks that come within the FSdreamteam Add-on manager using the correct affinity mask settings for my rig have solved this issue. DON'T FORGET ABOUT YOUR TWEAKS EVERY BODY!
  6. Good Afternoon, I recently upgraded my entire system to manage the switch to P3Dv4. I only made improvements to my system which ran all 3rd party add-ons 100% with FSX. The only change that I could see causing my issue might be Windows 10. Every time I load TFDI B717, with-in minutes I get horrible graphics issues. Usually a total loss of all textures in the game. Some images seem to screenshot in place as I move the view around and then multilayer over the screen. Or the interior or exterior of the plane becomes transparent or black. This actually happens with both my Aerosoft A320 series and TFDI. However, my PMDG planes (737, 777, 747v2) all run just as they did before without any graphics complications. If anyone has any assistance they can provide, or can direct me to help, I would greatly appreciate it. This re-build cost me quite a large sum of money, so I'm waiting on a few more paychecks before I begin the expensive transition of PMDG products over to P3d for a better experience. I'd prefer to keep everything in the same sim and am curious if windows 10 platform might be causing these issues specifically with TFDI and Aerosoft products. Kind Regards, -Dan-
  7. I'm having the same issue in FSX. I do not have access installed on my computer....
  8. I checked, and for some reason, yes it was selected on unlimited fuel....Interesting, as I don't remember making that choice! But that solves that. I did a second flight and the Approach issue with the LOC and GS happened again. Still won't capture on autopilot.
  9. Hello, I have just completed a flight with the latest version, however, I still use FSX. The only issues I can report with my flight are as follows: New Issue: Fuel quantity remained at 12,000lbs for the entire flight. Both in the FMC and on the PFD. I also have a variance of readings for the GW. On the PFD its stated at 103.1, on the Tablet and the load manager, 102.6. I did an update several times from the load manager. While the IPAD changes, for GW and Fuel, the PFD only adjusted for Fuel and not GW. However, then the fuel quantity never reduced during flight. I took off and landed with 12,000lbs. The FMC continued to give fuel predictions with the constant fuel load. As I flew (MCO TO FLL) I began with Fuel Pred FLL = 9.3, when I arrive the Fuel Pred. FLL=11.7. The FMC is notating the fuel and adjusting for the constant amount of fuel as I flew. So it was doing its job! Continued Issue: This stems from the previous update as well is the throttle control at CLAMP during takeoff. My auto-throttle gives control back to my joystick throttle placement and if its not set exactly to where the AT are set for takeoff, then I get a surge or reduction in thrust at 80 kts. The AT disregard my joystick throttle at 400ft when clamp is disengaged and thrust follows the indicated takeoff/climb thrust settings. New issue: Not intercepting the Glide Slope with AP engaged. I was able to capture the localizer, however this was the first time I've noticed the plane NOT capture the glide slope. I disengaged the autopilot at that point to continue my landing. The flight director began to follow the GS and LOC, however, the PFD was still showing LOC and GS in white and not green. I will report back after my second flight to see if this is still and issue. The LOC and GS were both alive, but approach mode never activated them for an AP landing. The GS dot just passed right on through and I continued flying level at 2500 ft. This was for KFLL ILS10L on the 1709 NAVID. I didn't have ANY of the issues everyone is discussing about descent. I am not sure if that is localized to P3D. Again I am using FSX. None of the issues I had hampered the flight in any way to make the plane unflyable or the flight unenjoyable. Just some realism elements lost with the fuel indication. If you require additional information, please let me know. Kind Regards, -Dan Burke-
  10. Good Afternoon, I'm currently using FSX ver. As of the latest update, when the auto throttle takes over at 70ish N1, it advances as normal, however, when Clamp kicks in at 80 kts, my throttles kick back to where I left my throttle lever on my joystick at the auto-throttle take over point. Is there a way to avoid this happening? This did not occur in previous versions. Its just a slight nuisance to have to set exact thrust with my actual thrust lever as the auto thrust takes over. Once I leave clamp mode, as it should, the auto thrust takes over and adjust to the auto thrust mode indicated. I know other products offer a "manual thrust override protection" in settings. Can this be an option? Am i doing something wrong and/or is this a way to currently avoid this from happening? Thank you so much, -Dan Burke-
  11. Worked wonderfully! You might want to add this in the uninstall instructions. I deleted the FSX/Simobjects/TFDI etc folder as instructed. So this might be nice to add when uninstalling for future customers! Thank you so much! I sent a ticket in on this as well, it can clearly be disregarded. -Dan-
  12. Hello, was attempting to do a clean installation of the product just to make sure everything was working correctly. I uninstalled the product and the add-on manager. Redownloaded from the site, and now I'm getting the error you see in the attached photo when trying to install. Any help? Thank you, -Dan Burke-
  13. After more trials I've found that if I allow 250 kts. to remain open in the speed window with the ALT in Prof. and NAV selected, that the plane will climb normally and I can retract FL/SL on schedule with no issues. It seems to be that when FMS speed is selected on climb out, that the plane only maintains the minimum speed required for that flap setting. Then as flaps are raised, the speed rises to the next setting instead of the plane commanding the V clean or 250 kts upon acceleration alt. I don't really know much about any of how this is supposed to work for the B717, but my experience with other sims tells me that this seems abnormal. Thank you all for your comments! I really just needed validation that I didn't have a localized issue or that I was doing something wrong! -Dan-
  14. It might be my need to just learn more about the aircraft, however following the flight director during take-off and Flap/Slat retraction always puts me in stall protection. And if I let the AP handle the climb out, I generally end up at stick shaker. I feel like the engine power reduces greatly for the rate of climb trying to be achieved. I've tried many different variations of settings. Pull the knobs out for OP climb and speed as well as FMC Speed and Prof Altitude. I get the same result regardless. I do set up Climb power and acceleration heights to 1500 in an attempt to get a lower angle on the flight director as I retract the flaps, but this doesn't seem to make a difference. I have to hand fly below the guidance of the FD to achieve a steady take off and climb out. If I'm doing something wrong I would love any advice, otherwise, I'll just hope this is looked at for future updates. The rest of the aircraft is superb! Thanks, ~DAN~