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  1. 57Pixels

    BEST worst landing

    pmdg 738 CYYZ-KLGA Landed on ProjectFly -38 and sim acars -38 Pacx -436 i was going to try with your Smartcars but wife is expecting and i don't have a spare 70 haha hope you can pin point it also I planned the arrival for 11:27pm and Arrived 11:21pm Got Notable Events Unexpected Delays Comments We were behind and they didn't even warn us! I'll definitely be recommending you at work! ************ p.s i love the pacx tool am not moaning and groaning just trying to highlight this to make it better
  2. 57Pixels

    BEST worst landing

    pmdg 737 sorry for late reply been busy in real life
  3. i remember being sent to a page but i cant find the page
  4. 57Pixels

    BEST worst landing

    I just made a flight I landed within 8 mins of the time however when i landed I looked over at my Landing rate manager -32fpm PACX recorded it as -334fpm at first I thought it was a conflict of interest but my Ipad recorded -32fpm aswell unsure whats caused the difference, just a heads up