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  1. BlackCloud58

    Boeing 717-2CM Hawaiian Airlines (Circa 2019) N490HA

    Your work is very, very good and am really looking forward to it. Thanks very much for making this effort!
  2. BlackCloud58

    Asian characters now display...

    This afternoon (Fri 2019-01-11) there was an update to the aircraft done via ADDON MGR. So I set up a flight which has been working well, until: Was on the NAV RADIO page and was inputting my ILS freq and noticed I could input the freq. into the PreSelect area now. Left side worked fine, but when I input the freq into the right side it suddenly display Asian characters. Thought I'd bring this to your attention in case others report it. Cheers! Ken
  3. BlackCloud58


    Anyone else experiencing sound issues with the 717? When I click on a switch I lose most internal sounds in the VC, or they fade out until I switch views out and back into the VC...
  4. BlackCloud58

    T/D wrongly calculated/inserted

    Happening to me as well - P3Dv4.4 (Client only update) with airac 1813...
  5. BlackCloud58

    NaviGraph API Charts EFB

    I am guessing one would have to have a paid Charts subscription for this to work...
  6. BlackCloud58

    trueglass rain repellent

    Based upon the forum category and the way I read it, this will be an addition that they have developed on their own to work in the Aerosoft Airbus Professional aircraft they are selling. @gamesyns would this not sound correct to you, or is something good coming down the pipeline? 😉 Cheers, Ken
  7. BlackCloud58

    Performance Update -

    @turbofandude Thanks so much for answering back, Collin. I did purchase v4.2 and was hoping to have the new computer by now, but that had to be put on hold for the time being. For me with FSX:SE, the was working well on my machine - and yes, had to turn settings down - but then I have to do that with my PMDG 737 (though not as much with the triple 7). 😉
  8. BlackCloud58

    Performance Update -

    @turbofandude Based upon the listed items fixed / changed - it sounds like this is mainly for P3D users. Any chance any of these updates (namely the new rendering system) helps with memory issues in graphics for FSX/FSX:SE? Thanks for a great plane - though admittedly my GTX650 can no longer handle all these hi-res textures (ORBX stuff; REX stuff, etc). But despite the overheating of the graphics card ( I *am* investigating costs to upgrade or buy new system) - do so love this aircraft. She handles nicely without AP and that's a major plus! Kudos to all at TFDi! Cheers, Ken
  9. Congratulations to all of you. So well deserved! And to come in third place as Best Developer isn't something to sneeze at, when one considers the competition being nominated (PMDG, FSLabs, Orbx, So again, congrats!
  10. BlackCloud58

    tfdi 717 p3d v4

    Open your TFDi Design Addon Manager and click on the Installation tab - all 717 install versions are listed there. As dimkzr posted link describes the need to be in the Beta to realize all the latest improvements for both versions. Cheers!
  11. BlackCloud58

    Engines unresponsive

    @Ifikratis @natoseigh - Do hope you will have found the above info a little bit helpful to keep you flying! I myself have only had the issue once, and since then no problem (am on FSX:SE). Cheers!
  12. BlackCloud58

    Engines unresponsive

    This was answered in the COB forum, but for sake of you having to search, here is the "Work Around" to keep you in the air... :-) (Quoted from Driver8): "When it happens, for me (granted i'm still on FSX), I've just switched the FADEC to ALT for both engines as noted by 80erhelmi above. The engines then respond to manual thrust, so I advance the throttles, then switch the FADEC back to normal and re-engage autothrottle. So far, it's worked every time for me. I REALLY need some video capturing software so I can get some video of this stuff Also, if anyone hasn't read the documentation and needs to know, the FADEC switches are the two guarded switches just above the engine starter switches on the overhead." Hope this helps! E
  13. @macca22au All updates come through the 717's Addon Manager, making it much simpler. To know which version you are running, once you get basic power to the aircraft going, you just need to check by clicking on the FMC-1 softkey; first page will indicate which version is loaded. Hope this helps! Cheers, Ken
  14. BlackCloud58

    Old 717 operator routes

    I just Google searched "Airtran routes" and Wikipedia has a listing of routes at or after Southwest Airlines acquired them. Will most likely work for Blue1 and Impulse as well. And as an FYI - there is a virtual airline dedicated to Airtran Airways where you might find route information. Cheers! Ken
  15. BlackCloud58

    Speed Restrictions

    +1 - PROF Mode descent in FSX:SE on all routes I fly- though I feel there has been *some* improvement as it doesn't require quite as much speed brake use as it did prior to But issue still persists.