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  1. I too, would love to see the 717 brought into MSFS 2020. A nominal upgrade fee wouldn't hurt my wallet too much. 😉
  2. One thing that might be nice for the Addon Manager is a way to manually check for updates. Being on a metered internet connection I cannot always be online when I use the manager, and it always seems to take forever to come around asking again if I want to download an update if I had to turn it down previously (i.e. online and then go offline , start manager and it asks if I want to download). Why, not sure it does it this way, but it just did today as I had just gone offline with the simulator running, and had to cancel the download. Thanks for the consideration! Cheers! Ken
  3. Hawaiian Airlines Virtual - Inter-island service is almost all 717's. http://www.simairline.net/hawaiian/index_archive.html
  4. Been waiting for the "original livery" as I like the engine paint better. Thank you for doing this!
  5. Your work is very, very good and am really looking forward to it. Thanks very much for making this effort!
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