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  1. Yes, of course. I miss a lot, I think like a lot of people using XPlane, FSCaptain that computed a lot of variables like: Time Schedule delay for take off and landing, proper use of lights, taxi speeds...etc. I would love a software that monitor every aspect of an airline SOP.
  2. The question is the same as in the firts post, Is PACX in good healt state? Can we expect a good and quick development to final version and subsequent updates?
  3. Can you develop a little bit more this aspect. For exaple, can you write here how to add, let's say, a penalty and passenger anxiety for a flight above 14000ft without a proper cabin pressure? Or more easy (but not related with passengers) how to add a comment of the copilot if you forget to turn off the lights above 10k ft?
  4. Yep, I know there was a big update (I bought becauseof that) but 4 days to answer a ticket just after a big update in order to buy the program, and 3 days to answer a simple question (and counting, because you are not a PACX member). If you think this is normal, well, maybe you are more enthusiastic that I am. The movement in the PACX forum is almost inexistent....Don't you think that this is strange?
  5. I think this project is almost dead, good bye 30$!!
  6. Sorry but I see very low activity and the software now is very limited. Can we spect a quick development? I bought yesterday PACX and today I'm loosing the interest because of the few funtionalities it has. We need much more!! I think this software has a very good potential but....I don't know, maybe you are working hard and in silence...or the sales are not going as you expected...Is everything ok?
  7. After some mistake trying to purchase PACX they are saying that my purchase is a "Potetially high risk" and is under review. But this was on thursday. I sended a ticket but no body answered it. Is it normal? Never had too mach problems trying to buy a product. I would love to fly PACX with A pilot's Live and I have all the weekend to try them...