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  1. Be able to specify an alternate airport and have SmartCARS know that a diversion occurred if the flight landed at the alternate airport. Be neat if could also know when a flight "recovered" and flew from the alternate to the original destination.
  2. Colin, Thanks for the reply. I do understand that there is a version 3 in the works, but hope you can understand some of the frustration is that there has not been any information about version 3, possible features, possible timeline, etc.. So, when hearing that is something that will be addressed with version 3 it is hard to relate to that. If there has been a post with information about version 3 (and I just haven't seen it) then my apologies. Thanks, Bryan
  3. Josh, This is the same issue that has been open for 2 years (another post on "start and end keys"). This is a desperately needed fix. I have a flight log program, FS Flight Keeper, that has had custom "end of flight" triggers since 2005. Hard to believe that a modern ACARS program cannot do this. Bryan
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