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  1. On my last flight, I was about 8 minutes early. However, for whatever reason, some pax complained that the flight was delayed, while others were happy that the flight was early. The flight can be viewed at https://pacx.online/flight/3C5200C77 I used the following flight configuration file <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <PACX> <FlightConfiguration> <Departure>SEQM</Departure> <Arrival>SEGU</Arrival> <FlightTime>57m</FlightTime> <ETD>20m</ETD> <Aircraft>Avro RJ 100</Aircraft> <CruiseAltitude>24000</CruiseAltitude> <FlightNumber>AME 24</FlightNumber> <HasWifi>False</HasWifi> <CustomSafetyDemonstration></CustomSafetyDemonstration> <PassengerCount>38</PassengerCount> </FlightConfiguration> </PACX> Remark: I added an entry for the Avro RJ to airplanes.xml and left about 10 minutes early (and announced it). On another note: is it possible to change the pilot name? Thanks, Peter