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  1. So with smartCARS, I have done 4 landings so far (soon to be a fifth) with the PMDG 747 (2x400 and 2x400F) on P3D v4.5.12.30293 where the landing rate has been above 500fpm in all cases. All of the approaches have been flown manually, were stable at 1500ft aal and with a 'normal' flare and speed with one touchdown being 770fpm. However using a different client with the same configuration and technique I record 250ft ish every time. This has meant 3 of my PIREP's (I'm expecting a fourth) have been rejected and all my hours for one VA have been rejected totally, it's really frustrating. P.S. other aircraft show a higher but not to the extent of the 74. P.P.S. I'm a real world commercial pilot. Some help would be appreciated