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  1. So is this issue unfixable?
  2. Hi I just tried another flight entered 5 for the payload (only a cessna flight ) and got nothing . In our old ACARS this flight that I did just now would have given me something like 5 passengers in business for a total passenger revenue of $2500.00, and 2800 units of cargo for a total cargo revenue of $2800.00. Total revenue should be around $5300.00 for this flight however smartCARS gives 0 for cargo load and business class. We set the prices for flights in the phpVMS admin centre for each flight. So no custom feature.
  3. Hi https://www.vnorthwest.com/index.php/pireps/viewreport/19926 under the flight details section on the right side of the page. Thanks Robbie
  4. Hello We’ve just switched over to smartCARS our airline records random passenger loads for each flights revenue. We have a box on each PIREP page showing things like passenger amounts (business economy and first) pilot pay, and revenue. It just says 0 passengers for first economy and business. Any ideas? Robbie
  5. Hello, My airline is considering the switch we are wondering a few things How easy is the integration? We are running phpVMS and phpv7. Is it fully compatible with FS9? We still have dozens of pilots using this platform. Can I contact someone thru email as I have some more questions? Thanks Robbie