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  1. Hello, I'm trying to power up the aircraft from a cold and dark state. The external power is connected. My steps are: 1, battery on 2, emergency power armed 3, external power on The emergency power is initially on. I thought connecting external power would cause the emergency power to switch back to the armed state. At this point the battery is still discharging despite external power being on. In the OHP both EXT lights are on, indicating there's power. The electric page on the synoptic shows there's power, but there's no power to the bus. I've cycled the bus ties, oc
  2. Hello, I've resolved it. My overhead panel view was straight up. Moving to an angled view made the click spot 'visible' I guess. J Brenner
  3. Hello, How do you turn the panel flood dimmers? The black, inner dimmers. They don't turn and there's no background lighting. The outer, white dimmers work fine. Does anyone have any ideas? I've re-installed the aircraft with anti-virus software disabled but that didn't make a difference. My GPU is a 1050 Ti. J Brenner
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