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  1. Thats funny because I did a reinstall and the addon manager added P3D files into my FSX SE folder. Now everything works just fine. Not the user, was a problem with the APP!
  2. I downloaded the 717 paint kit, and when I load a texture file into Photoshop I can't edit, create, add layers. It's like it's locked out. Any Ideas?
  3. Well, here we go again. I've been through all that with you guys before. It's obvious since this appears to be a lone incident that your not interested in a fix for one customer. I've done everything you have mentioned, even sending my specs to you before. It's not an add on, or other program. It only happens with this aircraft. After I uninstall the bird, the problem no longer exists. I thought last night that reinstalling the aircraft would include the fix you guys found for P3d. I don't know how many times I have to repeat this, but the symptoms are Identical to the ones reported on
  4. I made 2 flights after reinstalling the aircraft. 1st one was successful, second one CTD'd 40 miles from destination airport. This is exactly the same problem with the same symptoms that the P3d pilots were having, but I'm flying the FSX SE version. Click to change a view, crashes to desktop. I did open a ticket before and was told that I'm the only one who has reported this problem with FSX SE. I tried all the "fix's", none worked. Once the CTD's happen, then they happen with other aircraft. I have to completely remove the 717 and all it's files to stop the CTD's. Was there a specifi
  5. Will this fix help us FSX SE owners that have the same issue?
  6. I tell you, I said what I said because no one at TFDI is interested in a fix for my problem because they claim no one other than me has had this problem is FSX SE. I'm telling you that this "is" a problem. I've have tried all the jury rig fix's, they don't work. I've flown every other add on aircraft I have configured the same way, and no problems. I've uninstalled and done a fresh install of everything, the simulator, this product, etc..., no joy! I've changed computer settings, no joy! As far as I'm concerned there will be no more TFDI junk on my machine, and anyone who asks, I'll let
  7. Great plane, bad support. My crash on view change hasn't been addressed, and apparently has been an issue for sometime for the 717. I guess I'll just uninstall it, and chock it up to a good purchase from a bad company!
  8. I have the same problem, and yes I use the scroll wheel in the mouse. The outer knob works fine.
  9. I'm having that same crash on window change problem. It seems to occur when I use the right click, drop down window mode to change views in the cockpit. Anyone figure it out yet?
  10. I had that same problem today, but it went away when I tried the third time.
  11. Are you using one throttle or two...doesn't matter....use FSUIPC BUTTONS AND KEYS and assign a button for the F2 function/ hold when pushed/and F1 when pushed again to release. I have two Saitek throttle quads, which make that easier to do as there are detents at the bottom of the throttle stroke that act like buttons, so I just assign the F2 to those, and F1 when released.
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