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  1. I would like to see at least the major airports done. Eventually, would be great to have the cities that have scheduled air service. KFNT - Flint, MI KMBS - Saginaw, MI KGRR - Grand Rapids, MI KTVC - Traverse City, MI KABE - Allentown, PA KMCI - Kansas City, MO
  2. This is what my NAV lights look like. 2019-11-26_21-29-56-733.BMP 2019-11-26_21-29-33-340.BMP 2019-11-26_21-29-43-436.BMP
  3. FSX w/Acceleration, all Service Packs installed.
  4. I'm also experimenting with this for my GTX1050. I'll let you know if I eventually find the right settings.
  5. Same here. I have to be sitting in the pilot's seat in order to rotate those knobs as well.
  6. I tried to tinker with some of my settings to improve this but nothing works. I'll post some screen shots tonight.
  7. Whoops, I think I commented too early. I did a flight to KMSP last night and it announced that I landed in Minneapolis. I think my problem was I hadn't landed at a major airport yet..... only smaller regional airports. Maybe in the future some of those will be filled in, too.
  8. I think the major cities of each state would be a good starting point. Example, for PA add Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown & Harrisburg. FL add Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando & Miami. MI add Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Saginaw, Traverse City, etc. I realize the time it takes to code and record this information. But I'm thinking for the long-term popularity of PACX this would greatly enhance your product.
  9. Ok. Not sure why but I do not have the PACX present in the Addons while inside the sim. It is not a clickable option for me.
  10. Would it be possible to add a Random Passenger/Cargo Load option on a future update?
  11. I just purchased PACX a couple days ago and have had the chance to run a couple flights. One thing for sure I'd like to see would be an entry location to add the arrival city to be announced after landing. Naming the state is kind of generic.
  12. The PACX manual states this is an active function. So it is not?
  13. Not sure if it's just me or not but I have the following issues: Wingtip NAV Lights are barely visible in exterior view Wingtip NAV Lights are not visible from interior view Wingtip Strobes have same issues as above Ground Flood Lights have same issues as above Tail Logo Light is too soft I'm using FSX and have other aircraft that have the NAV Lights well defined.
  14. Thanks, guys. I did some adjusting with my video card and got it cleared up. Looks fine now.