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  1. Curious if at some point there could be an option to reduce the sensitivity that triggers an Unsafe Takeoff or Landing report in the after-flight summary. It seems whenever I fly the FSX Aerosoft CRJ every takeoff and landing gets "dinged". My last landing was around -30 FPM on touchdown and I was still penalized. I have a couple other aircraft that PACX also seems to be over-sensitive with.
  2. Wow, I did not know that. Looks like I'm still learning all the features.
  3. Can there be an option to manually turn on and off the boarding music? Also, what are the chances of getting an in-flight display and time remaining, etc?
  4. Seems that PACX and the PMDG DC-6 don't like to work together. At the end of every flight I get dinged for unsafe takeoff and landing. Majority of my takeoffs are smooth with very little control inputs. Many landings have been greasers but still get "thumbs down" from passengers. Any idea? None of my other aircraft seem to do this.
  5. I did figure it out. Was able to merge 3-4 songs into one .wav file..... lowered the bitrate to make the file smaller.
  6. Is there a limit to how long in duration or how big of a .wav file can be used for boarding music? I recently merged 6 .wav files together and it would not start playing. Once I switched to a single song or smaller merged file it would play. Am I correct to assume there is a limit to the file size or total duration?
  7. Where can we download the update?
  8. Installed the files from the attached .zip and still no change. Nav lights are still dim when on.
  9. Any updates on this issue yet?
  10. I will try installing these tonight and let you know the results.
  11. Those files copied from P3D to FSX..... is it possible to get those so I could try it in my sim? Also, I do get the "glow" of the lights on the tarmac while on the ground. But not around the lights themselves.
  12. Would it be possible to have multiple selections(playlist) for the boarding music? During the longer boarding situations it would be nice to not hear the same song over and over for 30 minutes.
  13. Could this possibly be related to running FSX in DirectX 10 Preview mode?
  14. I have the same issue as well. I normally wait until engine start to arm this. If not, the battery charges for most of the flight.
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