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  1. Hi, a simple question. Is it allowed to publish smartcars safety announcements for other addons as additional free soundpack? I ask for the QFA-VA announcement in SLC. https://slc.lanilogic.com
  2. Please end me an invitation to your discord channel. thx.
  3. @RogueShadow For me it´s not ok, I got a CTD again. This time during approach on a testflight. It happens always 5-10 min after departure. My Specs: I use a intel 7700K @4.5 and a RTX2080 with a 55inch 4K monitor for P3d 4.5 and two smaller monitors beside for tools. All monitors are connected via HDMI. In the 717 settings I tried several setups, for the moment standard display solution and 2K textures. I´m not sure, but I have the feeling this issue is related to the cockpit shaders. 😪
  4. Suggestion: A free (or cheaper) version limited for 717-pilots. This could be a big booster. If the 717 customer likes PACX, they will buy it as general-license for all other planes.
  5. I tried the interims "solution" at Sydney Airport. I get only 18-20 fps in clear skies, 12-15 with clouds, with the second window only 10-12 fps. unflyable! The 717 is the only addon where I get this CTD-problem when I switch the views, ALL other working very well (Fslabs A320/319, PMDG 737/777/747, Maddog, Dash). Dear TFDi-Tem, before you send all your valued energy into PACX, please fix that important issue in the 717.
  6. Thank for reply. I know, but with the included profile I‘m getting some texture probs.
  7. In the meantime - is there anywhere a working Tomato-reflection profile for the 717 to find without texture issues?
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