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  1. airlinetycoon

    Setting the Transponder Code

    Hi I have a little thing. When I set the sq-Code normally in other Aircrafts I switch on the right big knob the 1000er Digits, on the small right knob the 100er digits, the 10er Digital on the left big knob and the little left knob for the 1er digits. Here in the 717 I have to set the 10er with the Little left knob and the 1er with the big left knob. Is it the same in the real aircraft? I hope you understand my Problem 😀.
  2. airlinetycoon

    Post your best 717 Screenshots here

  3. airlinetycoon Feedback

    ?? In all other aircraft addons (PMDG, FSLabs etc.) I did´nt see limitations like that. For example KDEN: if I tune 117.9 for DEN VOR and set the ILS frequence for 16L 111.1/173 the distance to DEN is always visible in the NAV-Displays except in the 717.........
  4. airlinetycoon Feedback

    I added a message to this closed bug Report, because it happen since you fixed the distance issue.
  5. airlinetycoon

    VOR Distance in NAV Display

    Every time I enter an ILS frequency on the NAV / Rad page, the VOR displays disappear in the PFD. This issue came with the fix below.
  6. airlinetycoon Feedback

    When will the VOR bug be repaired? Every time I enter an ILS frequency on the NAV / Rad page, the VOR displays disappear in the PFD.
  7. airlinetycoon Feedback

    I disabled the hardware rendering and now it works much better. After the last Windows 10 Update I reinstalled the NVIDIA driver, now it works really good! Great Job TFDi!! but one thing: when I put an ILs frequent into the FMC, I do not receive any VOR anymore. I think this is a bug, is‘nt it?
  8. airlinetycoon Feedback

    One addition: during Approach I‘m getting massive stuttering. Maybe it depends on the laggy displays?
  9. airlinetycoon Feedback

    I noticed in .15 an input lag, when I type into the FMC and changing figures like ALT and SPD in the glareshield. Also the PFD is lagging (Hardware rendering enabled). The groundfriction issue is not fixed yet. The plane moves forward when N1 is more than 41% N1, when you move the throttle to idle the plane deccelerate instantly.
  10. airlinetycoon

    New lights not working at all, constant CTD

    What you can try is: disconnect your screen from the second GPU, start the sim, load the 717, switch the lighting on, reconnect your Screen.
  11. airlinetycoon

    Weird behavior in P3D v4.1

    LM repaired an old simmconnect error in v4.1, so some commands will be misinterpreted. Are you using EzDok? If yes, try Ezdok v2.5 build 21. The steering/ruder problem should be fixed. EzDok-Forum