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  1. The IDs for the parking brake will be a good addition :D. THX
  2. Many thanks, works great. I finished now my 717 for Touch Portal on my iPad.
  3. Great, do you have the ID too (for FSUIPC Offset)?
  4. Is there any Lvar ID for Chocks and Cones available?
  5. Thank you Fabio. In the meantime I will help me out with a Spotlights-profile.
  6. Any ideas, why the lighting is looking so pixely? AMD Radeon 6900XT, P3d v5.1 HF2 @4K
  7. Hi, a simple question. Is it allowed to publish smartcars safety announcements for other addons as additional free soundpack? I ask for the QFA-VA announcement in SLC. https://slc.lanilogic.com
  8. Please end me an invitation to your discord channel. thx.
  9. @RogueShadow For me it´s not ok, I got a CTD again. This time during approach on a testflight. It happens always 5-10 min after departure. My Specs: I use a intel 7700K @4.5 and a RTX2080 with a 55inch 4K monitor for P3d 4.5 and two smaller monitors beside for tools. All monitors are connected via HDMI. In the 717 settings I tried several setups, for the moment standard display solution and 2K textures. I´m not sure, but I have the feeling this issue is related to the cockpit shaders. 😪
  10. Suggestion: A free (or cheaper) version limited for 717-pilots. This could be a big booster. If the 717 customer likes PACX, they will buy it as general-license for all other planes.
  11. I tried the interims "solution" at Sydney Airport. I get only 18-20 fps in clear skies, 12-15 with clouds, with the second window only 10-12 fps. unflyable! The 717 is the only addon where I get this CTD-problem when I switch the views, ALL other working very well (Fslabs A320/319, PMDG 737/777/747, Maddog, Dash). Dear TFDi-Tem, before you send all your valued energy into PACX, please fix that important issue in the 717.
  12. Thank for reply. I know, but with the included profile I‘m getting some texture probs.
  13. In the meantime - is there anywhere a working Tomato-reflection profile for the 717 to find without texture issues?
  14. What do you think about SAS new Color (Tribute to the MD-87)?
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