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  1. Greetings! I just bought PACX and so far I find it to be a nice small addition to my flight simulation experience. One request I would like to make for future updates is an option to have the in-sim Display Messages (the status updates from PACX during flights) to also include, verbatim, all crew announcements and conversations. I do see a few messages such as serving food/drinks to passengers, but I am deaf and cannot hear anything that is not shown in the PACX text messages. Being able to see the full text of the interactions would go a long way in making PACX more immersive for users like me. I would love to see it added as an option that can be checked off for the users who prefers to hear the messages spoken only. For your User Guide, can you list all the possible options for Interactions (from the megaphone icon on the top)? In addition would you be able to do a quick step-by-step walkthrough in the manual for new users? For my first flight I did not realize I was supposed to choose the seat belts on interaction before takeoff - I thought the message meant seat belts were already on. D-: In addition I am not sure if Make General Announcement or Make Crew Request actually do anything (see my first issue above). There aren't that many Interactions so I hope it won't be too much extra work to summarize/describe them. Finally, if a bad flight is accidentally saved to a career, can it be deleted from that career? In addition, can unwanted careers be deleted rather than archived (but still keep archiving as an option)? I am looking forward to future updates. Are they automatically downloaded or do new installers have to be downloaded? I see the User Guide is for but I see was recently updated. I don't know how to tell if I am actually using or, though. Thank you!