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  1. Sometimes I use the FSX default 747-400 with PACX. It looks like it would fit with Class C along with direct replacements 777 and 787, unless the team feels it is better suited for Class B or even A?
  2. Thank you Fabio, I am not a passenger in a jet often in real life. 🙂 Yes, I noticed if my nose was at around -10 pitch my crew stopped serving and it disturbed the passengers to see other passengers being served but not them, which I found to be realistic. To be fair after I descended less steeply, they were able to finish snacks before final approach. I'm glad I checked because I wasn't sure if PACX was following my incorrect estimated flight time or how close I was to the destination.
  3. Hello and thank you for the recent update to PACX! I just completed a great flight (94% satisfaction), but something odd happened to me. I was given instructions from the ATC to start my descent from cruising altitude in an A321. As I began the descent and turned on the seat belt light, my flight attendants began to serve snacks. Mind you, they had served a meal approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours before, so I didn't find the time interval unusual. My issue was that I could not cancel the service when it was about to start. Actually I inadvertently held it up when my nose was too low for my f
  4. Hi Fabio. Yes, but I would like for BOTH the text and the PACX HUD to be visible. I don't want to have to turn the HUD on or off just to be able to see the text. I don't know what simulator your team used to develop and test PACX, but for FSX the lines to enable and disable them are in the FSX.CFG file (C:/Users/[username]/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/FSX) under [DISPLAY]. I have copied and pasted it from my simulator and boldfaced all the info text entries that I know of. I don't believe they can be repositioned, so I am wondering if it would make more sense for the HUD to be transparen
  5. Taxiing and landing, since the red alert is useful for parking brakes and ensuring the regular brakes are being activated. It can be hard to tell sometimes in a simulator. The one other time in FSX at least is that the red text indicator also shows up if an aircraft is being stressed due to excessive sped (the text says "overspeed"). For a good simmer that shouldn't come up often, but I feel parking brake and regular brakes are more important. I am wondering if the text appearing could also appear on an empty space in the HUD??? So that way the HUD hiding the bottom left won't be
  6. Hi there. I finally had time to get to trying PACX 1.0 after some time away from regular simming. I like the in-sim HUD implementation - I find it easier to use than the default application. However, when I use FSX:SE in windowed mode (I haven't tested it in any other way) the HUD blocks the lower left red message that informs us if our brakes are being deployed, if our parking brake is on, and so on. Is this a known issue and can it be addressed? Perhaps by making the lower left area transparent so the messages in FSX and (I think) P3D show up? Thank you for your time and for the entert
  7. Hello there. After some time away from regular simming, I was able to get around to trying PACX 1.0 on FSX:SE. I notice that shortly after my takeoff, meals are served to passengers. However later in the flight I noticed my passengers' satisfaction dropping and realized that they were thirsty and hungry. However when I requested my flight attendants to serve drinks or snacks, nothing seemed to happen and I did not get a PACX message like I did when a meal was automatically served. Did I overlook an action or is this a known issue?
  8. Oh, it looks like you have misunderstood the posts in this thread!!! I also do not really care if PACX states whether passengers are married to each other. I gleaned from Firecapt32's posts, and I concur with him, that it would be a little more realistic if a few of the passengers shared the same last names. It could be left to our imaginations whether those passengers are married, siblings, parents and children, cousins, or simply coincidentally have the same last names. Hopefully they could be placed near each other when boarding just to make it look like they are family flying together.
  9. Then why even name the passengers? 😉 There is always room to improve somewhere. We can agree to disagree and let the developers have the final say on this. Happy flying.
  10. I love this suggestion Firecapt32. It would also be great if their names are close together in the passenger list to imply they are sitting together or at the very least near each other. I think your suggestion would be easier to implement than mine, though.
  11. Greetings! I just bought PACX and so far I find it to be a nice small addition to my flight simulation experience. One request I would like to make for future updates is an option to have the in-sim Display Messages (the status updates from PACX during flights) to also include, verbatim, all crew announcements and conversations. I do see a few messages such as serving food/drinks to passengers, but I am deaf and cannot hear anything that is not shown in the PACX text messages. Being able to see the full text of the interactions would go a long way in making PACX more immersive for user
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