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  1. Hi, maybe it has been suggested before but I did not find a post regarding this. I would like to see something like a web server (or anything similar) which can be used on tablets to control the FMC or EFB via touch if possible. Generally a remote control for the FMC and/or EFB for tablets. Thanks, Max
  2. As some of you requested the new LH livery I will of course do it. I‘m sorry for the huge delay now but I have really much private stuff to deal with right now. Will start on the new one this week
  3. Thanks. 😁 Of course I can do the mainline livery. Just to confirm, the mainline is the new one, right?(The grey one)
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This is a fictional Lufthansa repaint for the 717. Install instructions and more info is included in the zip. This repaint was made in 4K and is only compatible with P3Dv4 so far. If you see any errors or mistakes please write a comment below this content. Have fun with it