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  1. We do not feel that checklists are suitable for PACX, you can download checklists for your aircraft on the internet.
  2. We have added boarding sounds, but we do not feel like these sounds are suitable for PACX at this time.
  3. We have added boarding sounds in the latest release, but we do not feel like ground crew or ATC audio is suitable for PACX.
  4. You can disable auto-hide by going to the settings dialogue > Auto-Hide Delay to Disabled.
  5. Fabio Almeida

    New voices

    The voice recognition only works in English at the moment. We are looking into adding more languages in the future.
  6. At the moment, this is not a possibility. We will consider adding this in the future.
  7. We have fixed an issue with the sound file missing. This has been re-added and we hope this helps!
  8. PACX voice interaction is only compatible with English at the moment. We will look into supporting more languages in the future.
  9. You can reset your own activations through the Client Area. Here is a knowledgebase article about it: https://support.tfdidesign.com/support/solutions/articles/62000083868-how-to-reset-activation-in-pacx
  10. Fabio Almeida

    WX Radar

    Have you tried to re-install your plane since you have installed ActiveSky?
  11. My company routes are stored in: Documents\TFDi Design\717\Company Routes without the _. Try this and let me know if it doesn't work.
  12. There is no confirmed release date for smartCARS 3. We will release it when we feel that it is ready for release. @Russell
  13. As far as I can tell, you fixed this on our Discord by re-installing the airplane. Please let me know if this is wrong.
  14. Does this happen with all liveries, or just a specific livery?
  15. This is why it is in beta, there are issue we are aware of and trying to fix. You have to bear with us, but we have given steps in order to try and reduce the crashes. If you need any help, please open up a support ticket through my signature