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  1. This seems like a phpVMS issue, rather than an issue with smartCARS. I would go to the phpVMS forums and ask them about this issue: https://forum.phpvms.net/
  2. Thank you for your PACX flight. I see what you are referring to with the time being off and it saying that you were moderately ahead of schedule. While there's nothing that I can do at this moment. I've put this issue to be investigated by our development team so hopefully this is resolved in the next PACX version.
  3. Are these throttle positions happening on any other aircraft?
  4. We do not have a cargo variant for the 717 planned at this time.
  5. Can you try putting the volume of the crew sounds higher and see if this changes the outcome?
  6. Can you open up a ticket via the link in my signature?
  7. @BobK @atav757 Are you able to link me to the pacx.online flight reports so we can investigate this further. Please @ me when you have this so I can see it
  8. As stated in your support ticket regarding this issue, this is not something that relates to smartCARS directly. It seems like these planes are disabled in phpVMS. We recommend going to the phpVMS forums regarding this.
  9. Are all passengers thirsty, or just some passengers?
  10. This is the normal wing view, you can still move the camera around
  11. Does this happen when you press the key without PACX running?
  12. Can you provide a PACX log from this issue? This can be found at %localappdata%\PACX\log.txt.
  13. Does this happen at a different airport?
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