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Community Answers

  1. This is actually something our team went into great discussions about what to name. Time to takeoff refers to time until wheels up, not block time. Flight time refers to wheels up to wheels down. We do already integrate this data with simBrief, what are you seeing that is not correct behaviour?
  2. While we completely understand the lack of need for the brace callout (which we will investigate a solution to reduce the severity of an emergency in PACX), there would be no passenger that would experience an engine failure and not be anxious for the entirety of the flight!
  3. No worries at all! I assume this is what you meant by the vintage mode in PACX?
  4. @turbofandude What do you think of this?
  5. This is because the seatbelt sign is not recognised as being turned on. You would need to toggle the seatbelt sign in PACX or switch the seatbelt assistance to Partial.
  6. Can you provide your PACX log? This can be found at %localappdata%\PACX\log.txt.
  7. In the real world, the cabin door would be closed during non-moving phases of flight. The door is quite thick for security and so you would not realistically hear any sound from the cabin, except the chimes. If you have any questions, let us know.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion! I've put this in our queue.
  9. That's quite an interesting suggestion, I'll put it in our queue to have a look at. Thanks for letting us know.
  10. I do not think this would be something we look to add to PACX. PACX is made to enhance experience with the cabin and crew. This sounds much closer to a virtual airline than something for PACX.
  11. Realistically, you would not be able to hear the passenger reactions in the real world as the cockpit door is very thick for the protection of the pilots. This is why you can only hear the cabin sounds during boarding and deboarding, when the door is normally left open.
  12. We've put this in our queue. Thanks for the suggestion!
  13. Common is more common than with realistic, but we do not massively increase the chances because it would cause an incident every other flight. With PACX, the flight attendants will only inform you if the situation has become extreme enough to warrant action required from the pilot. Hope that helps.
  14. Can you elaborate on what the use of the wardrobes would be in PACX? We do not currently have more visualisation other than the colour of dots to display information.
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