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  1. The alpha is available through the Client Area. Here is a guide: https://support.tfdidesign.com/support/solutions/articles/62000199146-how-to-download-your-product
  2. Adding Data to PACX (since Version Adding Data to PACX is simple, and takes little time. This guide will outline how to add aircraft (along with their respective seating plan), adding new airports, adding new flight comments to your flights and adding new names that passengers can use when you start a new flight. Each of these parameters are edited via their respective .xml files, which are found in the Assets folder in the PACX installation directory (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX). Adding New Aircraft Editing folder: Assets\Airplanes Ea
  3. PACX Development Guide (since Version Using the PACX File I/O System PACX will read and write several files to allow other applications to interact with it easily. There are currently three files supported by this system. They exist in the %localappdata%\PACX\IO folder. FlightConfiguration.xml When this file is written to, it can be used to pre-populate the Start Flight popup in PACX. This can be done either before PACX is opened or while it is running (PACX will detect the change in the file and re-load it). This information can also be saved to this file by pr
  4. Have you tried doing a flight on PACX with a different aircraft?
  5. Yes! The weather radar should still work correctly in P3Dv5. Let us know if is not working as intended.
  6. Are you able to re-install and try the lighting again? This should download new files if there are any available.
  7. If you have a yaw damper button mapped, please unmap it and reload the plane. This is known to cause issues in the 717.
  8. We will not be making a refuelling/KC-10 variant for the MD-11, considering the KC-10 is a completely different aircraft.
  9. That is correct, you can move the UI around wherever you would like on your screen. If you have any further questions, please let us know .
  10. Apologies, what is your default microphone on Windows? You can find out your default microphone on Windows 10 by pressing the Windows key, typing in "Control Panel", clicking on the Hardware and Sound title and clicking "Manage Audio Devices". Once you press this, go to the Microphones tab and check if the microphone you are using has a green tick next to it.
  11. Can you explain what you mean exactly by "unable to select an Airbus plane"?
  12. I have not seen a behaviour like this before. Are you able to open a ticket via the link in my signature?
  13. What is your default system microphone set to on PACX?
  14. What sounds are you specifically referring to?
  15. This is correct for Microsoft Flight Simulator specifically. This is because PACXBridge is not compatible with FS2020 at the moment. Unfortunately, this window is not resizable. PACX does not use much CPU, we check the CPU availability on start to make sure that operations do not use too much of the CPU. PACX is available on all available commercial aircraft on most platforms. If you are using FSUIPC 7, this should work on the aircraft you are using. If the aircraft you wish to use is not on the list of aircraft for PACX, you can modify the Aircraft.xml file, which will
  16. Hello! We have been discussing this feature internally but have never thought it has been the right choice for PACX. Can you help us understand what you wish to have from PACX? e.g. Is it wishing to see the activity in the cabin?
  17. @MMA123 @DizFreak13 We are about to update PACX, please delete your current log files, download the new update and see if the issue occurs again. If it does, please send us the new log files
  18. We are aware of this issue, however, due to our current development lifeline, we cannot give an estimate on when (or if) this issue with be fixed. As a temporary workaround, please set the heading bug to the desired heading and pull it when you are reaching the vector waypoint.
  19. Please read the response that I posted, it is marked with a green tick.
  20. PACX does pause when the simulator is paused. This event will be called by FSUIPC 7. If this does not function correct, please let us know via a report post, or via a support ticket.
  21. We will not be adding ambient passenger noise or cabin sounds during flight, as most sounds would not be heard in the cockpit.