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  1. What simulator are you finding this issue with?
  2. While I understand the idea you're trying to give, when you touch down and start deboarding the plane, that flight has concluded. You would need to submit a new flight plan, and you would have a new callsign. This means that having a continuous flight with 2 separate destinations is not possible. We have a setting which allows you to signal to the crew that there is a continuing flight and they will dialogue as such. Hope that explains our stance on it.
  3. This is set through the "Crew Volume" setting, which controls the volume of the spoken audio from the crew.
  4. Are you running Microsoft Flight Simulator in fullscreen?
  5. What is the file size and duration of these files? We recommend files no longer than 10 minutes and not exceeding 100MB. This is because PACX has to process the audio to filter it, and this can take a lot of time with larger or longer files.
  6. How much time have you spent at the gate with your engines off?
  7. Have you checked our solutions article about this issue? https://support.tfdidesign.com/support/solutions/articles/62000083870-there-was-an-error-initializing-the-xaudio2-sound-engine
  8. It could be that you have run out of activations. Have you checked this in the client area?
  9. Try deleting the %localappdata%\PACX\Cache folder and re-opening PACX. It could be possible there's a corrupted file that's stopping PACX from starting.
  10. Can you please open a ticket with the link in my signature?
  11. STOT already considers the time to takeoff, which is what PACX uses to estimate the time until takeoff. This is correct and expected behaviour.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion! I've had a quick think and there should be no issue to keep your PACX open after a crash or closing of MSFS and continuing once a connection is re-established. Are you finding that this isn't happening?
  13. @Bradders We understand where you're coming from, but with the tool that we're creating, you'd also get a lot of variety with your flights if you wished. As I previously mentioned, it wouldn't fit in PACX to have a text-to-speech option without making it jarring.
  14. When you click on the safety demonstration to start the flight, it should automatically go to the Safety Demonstrations folder. Are you finding that this is not the case?
  15. We will certainly have a look at the current logic and check this, but I believe it currently serves based on the time at the departure airport. Are you finding that this is not the case?
  16. Hey! Welcome to the forums! We've considered this internally and PACX would consider this as late. This is because you have announced to the crew and the passengers that the flight is ahead, which is considered a timetable change. If passengers then arrive later than the new schedule, it is still considered late. Hope that helps!
  17. Was the seatbelt sign switched off? Furthermore, we've gone into great length why we don't allow pilots to start the meal service, but this is mainly due to realism. In the real world, the head steward(ess) will let the cabin crew know when to start the meal service, not the pilot.
  18. Is FSUIPC 7 running as an administrator as well?
  19. You can find this update pinned to the #pacx-support channel
  20. Have you not heard the flight attendant talking about continuing your flight after you land?
  21. We have to add first party support for these aircraft, since it seems they aren't broadcasting the seatbelt sign to FSUIPC. We have already received information from Fenix for their A320, which means we should hopefully have support for it soon!
  22. We've actually released an update for PACX (which you can find on our Discord) which should hopefully fix this issue. Could you try installing the update and letting us know if it works?
  23. Does this only happen in Microsoft Flight Simulator?
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