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  1. I've passed this to the development team and we will discuss it for the next update.
  2. Have you tried running the first time setup again? You can do this by going to the PACX settings > Run First Time Setup on Next Start and restarting PACX.
  3. What operating system are you using?
  4. You can run the first time setup in PACX by going to Settings > Run First-Time Setup on Next Start. This will guide you through the setup for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  5. Are you able open a ticket with us? You can do this by going to our support page (link in my signature)
  6. While we do not have the assets or time to do this, we are currently working on a tool that would allow users to record their own soundpacks and upload them. The voices in PACX are real It would be possible to do this by creating an aircraft file with this guide:
  7. That's rather curious. Does this at least fix the sound problem you were having before? We could look into this further if you wish.
  8. Does any other interaction that normally plays sound still play sound?
  9. Your XML is likely not valid. You can use online tools to validate the validity of an XML tag. Here is a good tool: https://www.xmlvalidation.com/index.php
  10. From what I recall, the way to turn of the autothrottle is either through the auto pilot panel or by pressing the button beside the throttle levers. Is this not working for you?
  11. This likely will not be a feature that is developed since the 717 is at end of development. Sorry!
  12. Deactivation can happen for a variety of reasons, most commonly caused by an expired key (which is for ensuring the product is still active and used by the client). The client area is the landing page on our website just after you login. It shows your products and your information.
  13. Are there any Event Viewer logs for these crashes? You can find out how to share Event Viewer logs here:
  14. The ticket system should be accessible for you. If it isn't, can you please email support@tfdidesign.com with the event viewer logs to see if we can diagnose the issue?
  15. What graphics card and simulator are you using?
  16. Unfortunately, PACX is not currently compatible with Virtual Reality.
  17. I'm so sorry that this issue is happening. Are you able to open up a support ticket via the link in my signature? We can help you get the issue resolved as soon as possible!
  18. I completely understand and I had to do the same when I first got Prepar3D. It's quite a learning curve. We support Windows 11 since it's release, so this shouldn't be the cause of the problem. This is the unfortunate reality of supporting multiple platforms, all of which differ in the requirements for systems. I will see if we can look at improving the way in which we show system requirements for different platforms in the future. The issue is not with our minimum system requirements (our aircraft does work on simulators with those specifications), it comes from the minimum and optimum requirements of the platform. I actually discussed this in my answer, which you can find again here: The aircraft is working under minimum settings, so it is meeting the minimum system requirements as we have outlined. It's just not the greatest experience, and we understand that. I hope that helps!
  19. I can assure you that the 717 is neither abandoned and receives active support. The forums are not our main form of communication between our support team and customers. From the rest of your post, you mention you have a GTX 1660Ti. This card features 6GB of vRAM which does meet the minimum specifications of Prepar3D, it does not meet the recommended specification. This is unfortunate for new users, as we understand that not everyone may have the facilities to get a card with 8GB+ of vRAM, but this is unfortunately what Prepar3D has made their recommended requirements in their latest software. The aircraft does work, it just doesn't look the best. I'm sorry to not be able to provide a better solution.
  20. From memory, the autopilot can be disabled from the yoke by clicking twice on the autopilot disconnect. I believe there is a similar button on the side of the throttle levers. If this does not work, the 2 switches below the Auto-Flight button should work. Ensure these are placed back in their position after disabling the autopilot
  21. I have not heard reports of the aircraft not working in Prepar3D v5. It sounds like the graphics may be corrupted on your 717. Can you attempt a reinstall?
  22. It looks like you are on Windows 7, as a note, we no longer support Windows 7. You can find out what to do here: https://forums.tfdidesign.com/index.php?/blogs/entry/58-08jul2021-windows-7windows-8-end-of-support/
  23. Can you try reinstalling your simulator and see if the issue persists?
  24. Can you show exactly where you are deactivating the autopilot?
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