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  1. SCOTT

    Aircraft bounced

    Indeed. My flying hasn't changed in 10+ years yet I am getting repeated "aircraft bounced" on landing with landing rates below 100fpm on asphalt runways. What's changed? Also, Cessna Caravan off a grass runway - smartCARS showed aircraft bounced, arrived early, go around conditions blah blah blah blah - on takeoff roll. Too sensitive?
  2. SCOTT

    Boat Data?

  3. SCOTT

    smartCARS landing data

    I would consider changing this (if it's possible maybe allowing VA's to toggle the function) as a solid headwind/gust on touchdown can give an unusual landing speed for large aircraft in particular. (ie seeing a 747 touchdown speed as 93 knots would raise an eyebrow but, if she was near empty and a 35+ knot headwind on landing this would be possible). For the purposes of the VA's using this software it is unlikely a popular demand but, I was merely exploring the data provided by smartCARS and can see the potential for this product becoming versatile in it's function for all types of users.
  4. SCOTT

    smartCARS landing data

    During evaluation of landing data provided by smartCARS, I'd like to know if the speed at touchdown is measured as groundspeed or if it's indicated airspeed? If it's groundspeed we would have to evaluate the winds on arrival in order to score the landing speed (at Vref or too close to stall speed etc).