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  1. scarebus


    I'm not sure, but I will produce a video.
  2. scarebus


    Hello TFDI, I'm using the latest version at the time of writing, TFDI addon manager says but that can't be right, because you would've published a changelog, right???? I have no idea what you guys changed in the Auto Thrust System, but please change it back because the managed descent path is a mess, and during the approach the engines sound like they're going to full throttle, overshooting the target speed, then reduce to idle, while speed decreases below the target speed. This is extremely annoying and wasn't present in the previous build. The ATS also reacts very aggressively when using the speed brake to slow down. ('ADD DRAG') What changed?! Regards
  3. scarebus

    Eyebrow window texture overlaps

    Hello, This one's quite hard to see, but the interior texture of the eyebrow window appears to be 'on top' of the sun shade. Relatively minor, I know, and quite hard to see. I made a video which hopefully illustrates it a bit better.
  4. scarebus

    "SPEED BRAKE" warning when flaps > 20

    I actually stand corrected on this as I've just discovered that speedbrake operation is, in fact, prohibited in flight with any degree of TE flap. I also conveniently can't find where I initially read it anywhere in my 717 limitations manual... Could it be I was confusing the 717 with the 777??? Surely not????
  5. scarebus

    Heading select dashed line during LOC/ILS

    Hi! My mistake but there is a bit of a misunderstanding. I meant the dashed 'heading line' on the ND. The transparent bug and the solid bug you see normally when setting a heading prior to selecting it seen at the edge of the ND. The bug should be transparent (white outline only) when in LOC mode and the dashed line across the ND should disappear (or at least on the MD11 the dashed line disappears as well, maybe the 717 is a bit different in that regard. I'm nearly 100% sure the bug should be transparent white when in LOC operation though.)
  6. scarebus

    Scroll wheel acceleration Dial-A-Flap

    Thanks for your reply! The airline I like to simulate stows it as soon as the flaps are retracted, so after a flaps 11 takeoff for example, it takes a while to get back to 'stow' for the after takeoff checklist lol. Not a big deal, but a suggestion.
  7. scarebus

    Scroll wheel acceleration Dial-A-Flap

    Don't know if this is the correct category to post this, but could we have the scroll wheel acceleration present on the dial-a-flap selector? It's quite sluggish at the moment.
  8. scarebus

    "SPEED BRAKE" warning when flaps > 20

    Reading some 717 documentation it appears the aural "speed brake" warning should only sound when the flaps are set to 20 degrees or greater. The exact wording is such that it implies that the speed brake warning shouldn't trigger when flaps are less than 20 degrees, because speed brake operation is when flaps are selected to less than 20 degrees.
  9. scarebus

    Heading select dashed line during LOC/ILS

    The HDG dashed line should disappear when in LOC mode! The same way it's hidden during NAV.
  10. scarebus

    Flight director pitch bar yoke input

    The flight director takeoff guidance is now basically perfect. However during an ILS approach the pitch indicator twitches when I move the yoke. As far as I know this shouldn't happen in the real thing.
  11. I must say the latest couple of updates have been a significant improvement and with each 1.0.7.X version increase it becomes more and more of a pleasure to fly. However, the 717 still happily ignores all of my manual altitude restrictions. Lets take Schiphol as an example. I'm on the DENUT 1A arrival and expecting 36R. ATC tells me to "descend FL070 to be level at RIVER, after RIVER direct SPL." My route now terminates at SPL (discontinuity thereafter, as I'm expecting radar vectors before I get there) and the altitude restriction at RIVER has been modified from the published FL100-FL070 to just FL070. The FMS happily ignores this and often tanks past at FL110+ no matter what I enter. The top of descent doesn't move either which makes me think the descent is simply not recalculated. And a few other small things... - the flight director takeoff guidance is now basically perfect. However during an ILS approach the pitch indicator twitches when I move the yoke?!?!?! - the HDG dashed line should disappear when in LOC mode! The same way it's hidden during NAV. - speedbrake warning should only sound with flaps > 20 degrees I think, not sure about this - dial-a-flap selector a bit sluggish (takes v long to scroll) - landing lights when extended and on appear "off" in the exterior view - if it's not too much work, would it be possible to implement a way to change the default acceleration altitude? EDIT: I've now put these in the 'Bugs and Suggestions' tracker.
  12. scarebus

    Crash when selecting LEBB ILS Z 07L ALBER 1S arrival

    My mistake, it should be LEBL of course. (Can a mod change the title to avoid confusion? Thanks) @gamesyns The Event viewer didn't produce anything at the time of the crash, but I can describe what happened. The FMC froze after selecting the SLL transition on the ALBER 1S arrival for ILS Y 07L. The CDU froze, and when I opened and closed the 2D CDU view the CDU in the VC remained blank. Tried to do something on the right side CDU and bam, P3D crashes. I can try to reproduce the problem in a video but I think this covers it. The non functional altitude restrictions are more frustrating imo.
  13. Crashes everytime. Also, altitude restrictions still don't work. When I program to cross ALBER at FL250, the FMS just giggles and crosses at FL330. It seems it only adheres to the 'hard coded' altitude restrictions that are part of the SID. I'm sorry guys, it still needs some work. It's so close to being my favourite plane, but unpredictable showstoppers like this don't work for me I will just have to be patient I guess.
  14. scarebus

    "There was a problem activating"

    Ticket sent.
  15. scarebus

    "There was a problem activating"

    Is this the activation limit that's been reached? How do I reset the counter when doing a clean install of Windows to stop this from happening? Do I have to uninstall it via Add or Remove programs everytime? Regards