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  1. @ProfessorMadman I'm glad that this topic was brought up because one of my goals as a modeler is to ensure that this aircraft is as painter-friendly as possible while not making any sacrifices in texture resolution or clarity. The aircraft has not been texture mapped at this point, and windows HAVE been physically cut out, but it's just as easy for me to leave the windows in place on the texture map rather than moving them to another location on the sheet (or to a different sheet altogether, which I have also seen done.) The PBR workflow actually makes this even easier. I couldn't tell you why a lot of developers do it the latter way, unless they feel the need to map windows separately for higher texture resolution or avoid blurring around the edges. We will be dealing with high enough resolutions anyway that this shouldn't be a concern. So to answer your question concisely, yes, painters will have control over which windows are "plugged" by manipulating the albedo map's alpha channel.