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  1. I started the 717 yesterday and it updated. But not notes. What changed?
  2. Dave Gray


    I would also like if you retain the same format for the EFB. it's great as is. A perf type flex calculator would be a great addon to get flex temp. But I think you nailed it with the docs, external, and status
  3. some other aircraft I fly you can flick switches in the overhead panel with the mouse scroll wheel. So scroll fwd and switch goes on, and back off. that would be nice to go with the left click/right click thing.
  4. so excited. simple request. In the overhead panel enable mouse scroll wheel. So for example on the switches like apu/non smoking etc. Scroll forward turns a switch on, scroll backwards turns it off.
  5. this would certainly be a nice feature. In my mind the biggest one left.
  6. problem on your end. I just got this airplane a couple weeks ago. No issues. The performance is very good.
  7. it would be ashame if it doesn't come to V5. I only just bought this airplane. If I had known it wouldn't come to V5 I probably wouldn't have bought it, only to really like it but not be able to fly it anymore. I would have been better off not knowing... I'm holding out hope though. It's a badass plane.
  8. I'm very curious too on this. The list is very small at this point in regards to developers who haven't commented yet.
  9. If the question was for me I'm not joining a virtual airline. However fly Delta more than the other airlines and wanted to simulate as close to real life as possible for the thrust rating.
  10. that makes perfect sense. Very helpful. Thank you
  11. thanks for the reply. So I got a definitive answer from you saying 21,000. In the Facebook tfdi 717 group I got a definitive 18,500. What gives?
  12. Dave Gray


    So is the 717 going to be supported with V5?
  13. Can anybody confirm to me which thrust rating option delta uses for their 717's?
  14. Hey Guys. New to this airplane. Does anybody know which flex rating Delta uses on the 717's they got from AirTran? Just want to set it up properly in addon manager .