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Community Answers

  1. Please ensure you have the latest version of Real Light installed. If the issue still persists please raise a support ticket with us.
  2. Colin, please raise a support ticket the link is in my profile
  3. For the lighting to work you will need to have Real Light enabled. Apart from the above mentioned fixes you have already done I would recommend. Turning of Enhanced Atmospherics and Godrays (If not already) Reduce P3D textures to 1024
  4. Do you have a screenshot of the issue?
  5. Hi there, it really does not matter you can use IATA or ICAO formats completely up to you as a user of PACX
  6. We are always working on future updates and features. I will pass on to the developers.
  7. In the settings there is a drop down option to change the Boarding/De-Boarding Time
  8. Have you raised a support ticket? The link is in my signature.
  9. I am assuming this is MSFS related? Due to the current limitations you cannot pause the sim and PACX simultaneously.
  10. Hi can you open a support ticket with us please? the link is in my signature
  11. I will lock this topic as the associated support ticket has been responded to
  12. The decision to not include the cabin was based on the market size, cost, development time, and ultimately performance. We have no plans to include this in any future updates at present.
  13. Could you open a support ticket please? There is a link to the support desk in my signature
  14. As of now it is not a feature in the update pipeline.
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