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  1. Has to do with the way the blending is done on the model. You actually need to have a light map that includes the Delta paint in the Delta folder. I threw something together REALLY fast (like, 5 min ) using the file that includes the Delta tail logo combined with the lightmap file from the main 717 texture folder. If the owner of the repaint allows me to, I can upload it (or give it to them to include with the repaint if they want - the raw file looks rather nasty but it seems to work fine in the sim).
  2. Nice! Thanks!! Learn something new every day!
  3. When it happens, for me (granted i'm still on FSX), I've just switched the FADEC to ALT for both engines as noted by 80erhelmi above. The engines then respond to manual thrust, so I advance the throttles, then switch the FADEC back to normal and re-engage autothrottle. So far, it's worked every time for me. I REALLY need some video capturing software so I can get some video of this stuff Also, if anyone hasn't read the documentation and needs to know, the FADEC switches are the two guarded switches just above the engine starter switches on the overhead.
  4. To be clear, the engine spool down happens when I just SAVE the flight, not a save/reload. IE, I press the ";" to save, save the flight in progress, and once the save completes, the screen returns to the flight in progress. About half the time in CRZ, the engines immediately spool down and will not come back to life without switching the FADEC to ALT. Now, again, every time, I've been able to switch the FADEC to ALT, recover the thrust, and switch them back to normal again and continue, but it is getting a tad annoying as it makes saving flight progress a sketchy affair I don't have any recording software, but maybe next time I fly the 717 i'll point my tablet at the screen and record it happening that way if that would help. As for the CTD, yeah i'll need to see if I can reproduce it. Haven't had the time to set that up, so that's why I haven't put it in the bug tracker yet I did put the info there so that if anyone was bored or something they could try that and see if the same thing happened
  5. I have had a problem the last couple of revisions where the aircraft was not loading into the state I left it in, with persistence "unique to all liveries" enabled in the options. Finally did some experimenting today, and it looks like the persistence file may be getting "cleared" or "reset" or something when choosing "end flight" and returning to the free flight screen in FSX, then exiting. Basically, I set up the aircraft how I wanted it to be for the next flight, then did "end flight" to return to the FSX free flight screen. I then exited FSX. After that, I restarted the sim and set up my free flight. When it loaded, I found the 717 in a cold and dark state, which was not how I left it. After that, I restarted FSX, once again set up the 717 how I wanted it, only this time I directly exited FSX straight to my desktop. I then started FSX and set up my free flight. In this case, the 717 was how I left it. Repeated this a few times to confirm what I was seeing, and I was able to repeat this. I also watched the file size. Upon ending my flight and returning to the free flight screen, I saw the timestamp of the persistence file for N891AT updated and the file size was 151 KB. Then from that screen, I simply exited FSX. The timestamp on the persistence file updated again, and the size changed to 133 KB. If interested, I copied and renamed the persistence files. File names are as follows: The "endflight" one was from when I ended the flight and it exited to the free flight screen, after which I exited FSX. The "exitFSX" one is from when I directly exited FSX from my flight. N891AT_endflight.xml N891AT_exitFSX.xml I can open this in the bug tracker too, but unfortunately the closest thing I can find for this is the "systems" section, and it doesn't have a "general" or "all" or "persistence" option for which system is affected
  6. Very sorry I didn't see this earlier!! No, this has not been a problem lately. Have done several flights in the 717 in recent days and I have not had this happen at all.
  7. Well.... Unfortunately, had the thrust stop working again after saving a flight in on a flight I just did earlier today. Like what happened with, I saved the flight, and when the screen returned, the engine EPR spooled down. Engine gauges indicated the autothrottle was commanding the throttles up, and when I disengaged the autothrottle, I could also see the target marks were responding to my throttle movement, but EPR stayed at like 0.91 or something near there. No thrust from the engines nor sound of the engines spooling up. The good news - switched the FADEC to ALT, got my manual throttle control back. Once my airspeed got back to where I wanted it, I decided to see what happened if i switched the FADEC back to normal - lo and behold, everything went "right" again. Reengaged autothrottle and the flight continued...... ......right up until a repeated CTD just before passing downtown St. Louis on my way into KSTL. Dump file generated was 0 bytes, no error in event viewer, no error on the screen. Just FSX hung and disappeared.... Restarted FSX and loaded my saved flight (I was able to continue saving the flight without any further thrust issues), got another CTD in the same spot. On the third attempt, I loaded a default flight at KSTL, then loaded my saved flight. Then, based on a very similar experience many versions of the 717 ago, I used "DIR INTC" to the waypoint AFTER the one selected during both CTD's, and I was able to finish my flight. Some notes on the approach, in case this is an issue with the aircraft... 1. I am on Navigraph AIRAC 1709. 2. I was already on the LORLE2 STAR when I selected ILS 30L approach, no approach transition selected. 3. I manually entered FONTI between the DOBLZ int from the STAR and JOICE on the approach path. 4. The CTD happened a few miles before the JOICE intercept both times. 5. Did not get a CTD when selecting DIR INTC to MOIDD int (the one after JOICE) - I did that before the spot I was getting the CTD at. Unfortunately, I got careless and overwrote the saved flight just after I landed, so I am not able to provide any saved info.... In the meantime, I will continue to fly the 717 and see if anything like this happens again.
  8. Bah ya know what, i may have been thinking about another plane.... Sorry! I'll need to see what happens next time i fly it..... Going back and thinking about it i don't even notice anything because i pretty much never leave the speed selection up to the FMS when approaching an airport on any aircraft but the Airbus anyway, so i don't even pay it a second thought when i dial in manually
  9. No, it works fine for me... Are you hitting the "APPR/LAND" button above the AUTOFLIGHT button? I may be missing something but your FD modes don't seem to reflect the approach/land phase is armed. Even when i land under manual control i still always hit that button (not sure what the aircraft is supposed to do in real life mind you, i just know what it does in the sim ).
  10. Yep,, at least on my first (and so far only) flight with it, seems to be a winner! In fact, this MAY be the first time where I did an entire flight with the 717, and nothing needed to be "fiddled with" to work right! Well... sorta... I did notice that the plane didn't load the persistence, it came up completely powered down which wasn't how I saved it before. But, that doesn't really bother me much - the fact that I could take if from Cold/Dark, through a whole flight, to parking and power down without a hitch along the way is what matters! Really excited to see this plane developing so nicely, great work guys!!
  11. I'll need to try switching the FADEC to Alternate next time Meantime - for the TFDI team... I don't see a bug report filed in the Bugs section - do you guys want a bug report for this started? Also, if you need a persistence save while it's going on, let me know, I grabbed one last night. For me, the engines stopped producing thrust immediately after I saved my flight in FSX (noticed at least one user above posting the same thing). I know there is a "experimental fix" from another thread that supposedly stops the engines from surging on startup, I do NOT have that "experimental fix" installed (though I might do that later today as I also had that problem too).
  12. If i'm flying with a relatively light aircraft from an airport with a pretty long and dry runway, i'll dial the flaps back to like 8. Like 70% of the time though i'm just using standard flaps 13. I don't have any real data to back that up mind you, it just seems "reasonable" based on what I've seen from other aircraft and PFPX
  13. @turbofandude Have you tried this scenario? - Manually advance throttles to somewhere around 50% (like 54% or something) - Hit AUTOFLIGHT to engage ATS while the throttles are still at that 50% area - Advance your hardware throttles asymmetrically so that one throttle is noticeably ahead of the other I suggest that because with my old throttle quadrant, i'd have this happen every great now and then, but with my new one, I have had this EVERY time when I try to engage the ATS this way, because I think near the point where ATS takes the throttles, my new TQ is a little more asymmetric at that point that my old one..... FWIW, simple workaround for this is to manually advance the throttles to the EPR bug, THEN hit AUTOFLIGHT.
  14. @pilot53 Are you referring to IDLE CLMP on descent or CLMP on takeoff? If you have the problem I do where when descending the throttles won't idle, can you check during the CRUISE portion of your flight if the EPR/N1 are the same between the engines or if one is higher than the other?
  15. I have some ongoing INIT and GNS coordinate... oddness?... going on. First, the INIT and GNS coordinates display in DEGREE MIN.TENS-OF-SECONDS rather than DEGREE MIN.TENTHS-OF-MIN. Basically, after the dot following the minutes, i can only select 0 - 5, where every other aircraft i fly uses 0 - 9. This may be correct for the 717, i do not know. But, second, this did put me in a situation where the GNS showed something i could not actually enter into the INIT page when first aligning the IRS. I was sitting at a gate in KATL where my actual LON was W84 26.0. I could select that in the INIT page (after changing from 25.5 and pressing the arrow the next one is 26.0, as noted above). But the GNS page showed my position as W84 25.6! As i said, the INIT page rolls over from .5 to .0, so this is something that i could never actually set in the INIT page I am attaching a couple of screenshots showing the coordinates the GNS and INIT page shows. Also note the positions with regards to what i was actually seeing in FSX, If you take the FSX number after the ".", multiply it by .6, then just chop off all but the first digit after the decimal point, you'll get the numbers the INIT and GNS page display. (Also I think the bug forum submission needs a "both" selection for Display and Function, as this is kinda both, since I can't make the INIT match the GNS ) (Also note I've had this since the very beginning, it's not new with any of the recent updates.) (And I also almost forgot to mention, this was loaded at the gate with no persistence files and not selecting any state from the tablet, basically just starting this fresh which is what I do after any update to make sure no setting that may have been changed is wiggling its way in )