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  1. this would drive me insane
  2. agreed we run mostly PAX in Our VA but still getting our Cargo Division Underway would be good to see this
  3. awsome to see SCv3 in the works would love to see Diversions and Emergencies added for more realism and also compadibility to work with GSX and PACx regards Michael
  4. looking forward to using SmartCars 3 looking really nice so far keep it going guys
  5. Yh that messed my pc up installing the American Keyboard Language on it ened up wiping my hard drive have to get my uncal to reset the whole computer soo no am not doing that
  6. Hi Guys for some reason every time i launch PACX i get a Voice Recognition Error message my mic and that are setup properly so i dont know whats causing it when i installed the main installation of PACX it was all ok but when i installed the Beta version ( the One am using now ) its all went belly up ive attached a picture of the error message please help... Regards Michael
  7. hi guys ive landed at Belfast International alot and found out that there is no arrival airport name for the airport instead it says welcome to your destination, the airport is my main International Airport and my main headquarters for my Virtual Airline I was wondering if I could request for pacx to have the welcome to Belfast announcement for EGAA and possibly for EGAC George Best Belfast City Airport Many Thanks Michael
  8. agreed, the Aerosoft A320 seatbelt switch doesn't work with PACX either should also be implemented
  9. will it be made eventually as this is my main International Airport and My Virtual Airlines main base regards Michael
  10. Am also experiencing this. Am sure an A350 has more than 4 FAs
  11. PACx is still saying your destination for belfast
  12. Yes I am using UK2000 scenery for belfast
  13. just done a flight from belfast to Alicante and back outbound was fine it said Alicante etc inbound it said our destination so belfast EGAA isnt on the list and thats my main home airport and my VAs main base
  14. version i basicly purchased it and downloaded the current stable release version of PACX. ---- just installed the beta version
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