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  1. I'm rather very surprised, at your attitude to P3D, have also read your post on the FSL forum. Your biased opinion is not welcome, anywhere. Your entitled to your very own opinion but please do not attempt to bribe the dev's on here because they are more mature, than you.
  2. I was half expecting to read some kind of appreciation, for my post! Ah well........................
  3. Get in the queue. lol 😋
  4. I loved the PMDG MD11 and updated it whenever it was required. I never understood their logic when they decided to drop it. They claimed that, they lost money on it, but never mentioned how many sales they had selling the package which included the FS9 and FSX deal. I am now avidly looking forward to TFDI's release. Now In my 80's also praying that it's released while I'm still alive? For me, It's the most interesting and technical aircraft in the air. I still have the video tuition series that was made to ease the learning how to get the best out of the 'MD'. So, I'm joining you, Jason in your plea for more updates and possible release date. Is it in Alpha yet or, beta, even?
  5. Downloaded but no 'readme' or installation instructions? Am I the only one?
  6. I don't think they are compatible with v5.2. I spent hours trying to get the 'Voltea' texture to work, with no joy.
  7. Thank you. They did state previously that It was for Version 4.5 only! I am enquiring to find out if It will be also suitable for P3D5? If it is, I can uninstall 4.5 as this is the only reason I am still running it, for.
  8. Will the coming MD11 be available also for P3Dv5, please?
  9. My offer for Beta testing is still available. My favourite of all time PMDG dropped us all.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion Fabio. I probably would but now happily, I have a good view programmed into 'Chaseplane'. Thanks for your concern.
  11. Hi Joshua, I read a posting from a guy that is asking for the version 1.1 of the MD11 already. Has the MD11 been released already, please?
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