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  1. Hello again, September (Last year)was the latest release date mentioned here. Still no update on progress. (I don't do chat arrangement's I have found them full of Malware in the past).
  2. Thanks but, they promised it for P3Dv5.4.? Has that idea crashed? BTW that video did not impress me at all. I watched it all the way through and I felt more depressed at the end than I was before watching it. I'm no sure where you get these from but I doubt we will see this marketed before this time, next year. I was hoping that by now, you should be very near to release! False engine sounds and a very poor display of everything tells me that It will be another 3 years at least until you can impress any, potential buyer. PMDG will be laughing their heads off If they see this and Bill Grabowski will be choking, too.
  3. This MUST be Vaporware and your using Discord to hide away. I have given up on you guys and have, in the past posted more help than anyone else, except for the guy that keeps locking forum questions sugesting that your not interested. You can insert your Discord where the sun doesn't shine.
  4. Website blocked due to trojan Website Blocked: iyfbodn.comMalwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this page because it may contain malicious activity.
  5. I'm 82 today. Will this MD11 arrive before I die? It's taken 4 years so far! Is it 'vaporware'?
  6. Thanks for your interest, Matt. I do not like Discord, at all, as it appears to be a very unhinged facility and encourages nasty remarks from those that believe that they are a friend of this company and you aren't. This is their forum and they are not using it which makes the whole thing, something of a joke. I am now removing my interest in this MD11, even though I beta tested the PMDG version and thought my input would be interesting. I have now lost all the interest with this and will spend my money helping those that do appreciate people like me. as far as i am concerned this is dust.
  7. Hi Bob, is it in the 'Add/Remove' program controls?
  8. A dying platform, In whose opinion, just your's eh?
  9. A meaningful, respectful answer to my question would be very much appreciated, please?
  10. Can I ask when, is this plane simulation going to surface please? All previous dates seem to have died. Is It still in development or have you all decided to scrap it? To me, It certainly appears that way.
  11. Hey guys, your really not doing yourselves any favours by effectively stunning our interest in your project. I have to say that because of this, I for one am mow losing interest in this. You hyped it all up initially and now it's like a dying animal, slowly becoming extinct. Just saying.
  12. Why have you decided to only use 'Discord' when you have a perfectly secure forum, here?
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