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  1. My offer for Beta testing is still available. My favourite of all time PMDG dropped us all.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion Fabio. I probably would but now happily, I have a good view programmed into 'Chaseplane'. Thanks for your concern.
  3. Hi Joshua, I read a posting from a guy that is asking for the version 1.1 of the MD11 already. Has the MD11 been released already, please?
  4. How would you have that, when It's not been released yet?
  5. Hope this helps, guys?
  6. Thank you for your reply, My monitor is a 'BenQ 27" LCD and is fine for everything else and does not hide any other display. Maybe if a 'popup' window could be installed things would be easier? I am not saying that the real plane is any different, don't get me wrong but, from the angle we are looking it is extremely hard for a 79 year old to read. I do use 'ChasePlane' addon so maybe I can work something out with that. Does anyone else have problems reading the settings, please?
  7. These are in 2048x2048 display.
  8. My Tablet on the 712 is very poor. The writing is very dim and lacks definition. Any chance guys, of improving that so, we can read it easier please?
  9. There comes a time when you have to decide if the sim your running is adequate for your use or to spend out more and more money, everytime another flightsim surfaces. I recall many that suffered with MS Flight before it was generally recognized as rubbish. No doubt Microshaft will drop out of MS2020 before it's finished. They did it for all the previous flight sims, too. The way forward is, for me, P3D as I believe that is enough. I purchased all the previous PMDG 737's for every sim and refuse to pay over double the previous prices for this 'special' NGXu. They never rec
  10. I'm still using P3Dv4.5 but I suppose that now, you'll maybe thinking of MS2020?
  11. Thank you so much Fabio.
  12. Hello Fabio, yes, the F.O has all he wants but the Captain, nothing and in total darkness. I uninstalled/reinstalled but no change.
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