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  1. I just sent some docs to you guys and I will send the pictures when I get them.
  2. The exactly color code? No, sorry. I can only recommend the Air-Clips, JustPlanes and PilotsEye videos on youtube. They have some videos in the flight deck with detailed images of the displays. I have some friends working in the airport here that can send some pictures of the flight deck.
  3. The backlight colors, PFD Sky/Ground colors, FMC letters, etc.
  4. Would be nice if we have the capability to change the display colors as we like and the framerate to optimize the performance if necessary.
  5. Off course yes. And each livery in his page, separated by the Combi type, freighter type.
  6. Yes and we need to see the CG range, because the MD-11 have to fly with 32% of CG or close to burn less fuel. When the fuel comes low the CG comes backward and that's why we have the tail tanks in MD-11, to transfer fuel to the main tanks when the CG is getting above 32%.