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  1. Nice to read that the MD-11 isprogressing, can't wait! 🤩 I'd like to know, to what sim platforms are you going to make it functional? Alt least the MSFS2020 and the P3D... Is it going to be available for XP-11?
  2. Henri65

    AT LAST!!

    I might be moving soon also to P3D V4.5. I think that sim is going to be around for some time still, though they've introduced the V5.
  3. Henri65

    AT LAST!!

    I truly have been waiting for this! Since the PMDG's MD-11, there hasn't been an adequate tri-engine pro-level airliner. I truly hope that You'll make this bird a new high standard for all platforms, including FSX, FSX:SE, and th P3D series. The FSX- platform is very flyable still, when using Steve's DX10 Fixer. It takes a critical amount of stress off the CPU so, it makes it possible to have UHD-textures. Also it enhances the envronment textures. This was not meant to be an ad for the DX10 Fixer, but to encourage you to make a version for the older FSX-platform also. Thank you in advance! 😄
  4. Henri65

    Livery Manager

    Livery manager, indeed. 👌
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