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  1. I've yet to hear that added announcement.
  2. This is issue of passengers always being thirsty to VERY thirsty has been brought up repeatedly, and there's apparently nothing that can be done. Regardless of whether you just snack service or meal service, they're ALWAYS thirsty, no matter how long or short the flight is.
  3. Since there seems to be a chance of getting a "diverting" or "returning to gate" announcement when you try to record a cabin announcement like, "Cabin Crew, seats for departure please", Is it possible to add a "canned" announcement from the F/O we can select for that?
  4. BobK

    Landing Data?

    Where does PACX get landing data? I just made what seemed like a pretty decent landing, but PACX says it was a "hard landing" of -867 ft/min. I was also running my VA's SmartCARS, and that reported -162 ft/min. That's a pretty huge discrepancy.
  5. On a few occasions, I've recorded a cabin announcement, while taxiing for takeoff, such as, "We are number X for takeoff. Cabin crew, seats for takeoff, please", and after a few seconds, an announcement dialog pops up saying, "returning to gate", but disappears again before I can cancel it. If there is no remedy for that error, can we at least get an option to cancel a diversion, etc? Otherwise, the rest of the flight is wasted. They'll never be happy again, no matter WHAT you do.
  6. Any length. Includes long-hauls and anything 2+ hours.
  7. I'm using SimBrief and setting flight times based on the airlines' flight status and FlightAware and FR24, but even though I arrive at the same time as the r/w flight, and almost always PACX has me up to an hour late. Interestingly, I can still get 100% satisfaction. How does PACX estimate the arrival time? Is there anything I can do to correct it?
  8. Same here. I always have thirsty passengers, even when snack/drinks and meals are selected.
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