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  1. Joshua Che.

    Drawing problems (still not resolved)

  2. Joshua Che.

    MCDU plus AP

    The reason why I request step by step is because the information give is not sufficient to show what EXACT steps you took. I do not know when exactly you executed the flight plan change during your flight (which waypoint were you travelling to? at what altitude? what was the prior entry before? any discons inserted before that is cleared? any waypoint in the approach deleted? etc etc). Its also why I request screenshots as much as possible, or even better a video of the flight from the start to the event as that way you dont have to list each individual step you took.
  3. Joshua Che.

    MCDU plus AP

    I need more information on this; the exact step by step to replicate. Also screenshots to show the before direct, after direct path drawing would be good.
  4. Wow. Thanks for the effort to write a clear report. I will investigate this asap.
  5. Joshua Che. Feedback

    I understand your frustration. However, I will be very blunt. If you not going to submit a proper report, I would prefer you not stay on the COB branch. Reports like this are not helpful at all.
  6. Trying to capture the localizer too close (Less than 1000ft AGL) will always cause issues for approach. The AP LOC algorithm is completely different from LNAV algorithm. WIth LOC, you get a triangle beam that is way less sensitive 5 miles out when compared to being 1 mile out. With LNAV, its a cross track error that is does not vary in sensitivity.
  7. Cannot replicate using your case scenario of KSLC I16R. Are you using any airport addons there? Did you apply any magnetic variation database update? If no, grab it from here:
  8. Joshua Che.

    The Ole App Hang on Change Views is Back

    Please help answer my questions.
  9. Joshua Che.

    Auto Pilot/FD

    Known issue, however, its is low on the list of items - and it may not be what you want to hear. However, we want to get rid of the stability issues first before working on AP/FD refinement.
  10. Joshua Che.

    Very low FPS on MFD/PFD Only

    All, We have identified certain methods to mitigate this effect. @turbofandude will be working on it and updating you as it goes along.
  11. Joshua Che.

    717 Throttles stopped responding

    Did you mean you set the engines to idle? It does not make sense to shut down the engine in flight, and its not fully simulated.
  12. Joshua Che. feedback

    When you save a flight and load it up again, the engines take a while to spool up (approx 30 sec). This is because the saved flight doesnt include current engine parameter, only throttle. So technically, the engine is "starting up again" and running to the required level of power. If you have a 100% replicable CTD after performing a certain fixed action, please report it in our bug tracker on how to reproduce it. Attach any extra saved flight files you may have used.
  13. Joshua Che.

    Volunteers for an Internal Test Team

    Alright, thanks for the applications thus far. We have enough made our selection and will be sending PMs shortly.
  14. @turbofandude Do we have any manual references to back this up? I cant seem to find any information on this. Right now the FMS just assumes managed speed is VApp once approach phase is active.
  15. Joshua Che.

    The Ole App Hang on Change Views is Back

    Let's start by tracing back to what has changed in between the time you didnt had this issue till it resurface again. From what version (1.x.x.x to 1.x.x.x) was it ok? Any changes made to the sim comparing the period before and after (Ie, any addons installed, cfg/settings tweak, windows/driver updates)?