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  1. 804 and 806 were two Delta operated MD-11s that allegedly contained auxiliary fuel tanks just so it can fly from LAX to Hong Kong non-stop. I don’t what contacts you have at your disposal but if you can get in touch with Delta people or whoever took those planes off their hands, you could hopefully find out about it’s specifications and maybe implement them? -Angelo Busato
  2. Please note that the spoilers do not instantly deflect to its maximum angle on touchdown, it goes somewhat halfway and then to maximum. Skip to 2:00 for the landing. -Angelo Busato
  3. Will you be modeling the MD-11ER and MD-11 combi? Alitalia had 5 combis and some MD-11ER operators included Garuda, VARIG, Philippine Airlines, World Airways and El Al. Also, will you model some of the aerodynamic modifications like extended flap fairings? please consult the link above for external differences between MD-11s -Angelo Busato