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    Vram filled

    You’re welcome.... won’t bother in future.
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    Vram filled

    That’s a bit of a non sequitur answer. If it’s in beta, then as a ‘beta tester’ I have reported my findings on VRAM usage versus other add-ons in my system. In the absence of anything substantive, “thanks, noted” or some such response would be an appropriate answer. Just reminding me it’s in beta is neither a useful answer or a fix and is just defensive and a tad condescending.
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    Vram filled

    To be fair, it does seem worse in the 717 than some other 'complex' add-ons. In my unscientific survey, based on the same settings and located at the same gate (ORBX YBBN), I get: TFDi 717 - VRAM 7.3/9.2 fps 29 PMDG 747 - VRAM 4.3/9.2 fps 28 Maddog X - VRAM 5.7/9.2 fps 40+ Cheers