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  1. Hi TFDi team, Super excited to hear about the MD-11 announcement! I'm excited to see what you guys bring to the fore with this one. I'm a long time fan of your 717 and I'm sure the MD-11 will live up to the expectations. Once released I'll be sure to be doing some repaints of this beautiful bird. I have a suggestion that some developers do not honour and affects the accuracy of the liveries based on operator - the ability to control cabin window configuration on the external model. Some vendors cut their windows into the 3D model and do not allow for creating various cabin window
  2. Update: I'm stalled on this one as I can't find proper reference material of the grey flower lei that spans onto the top and bottom of the fuselage... maybe someone that works at PHNL or in the Hawaiian Isles with access to the aircraft can take some reference pics for me? 😜 Here is where she's currently at but progress has been stifled completely for now 😑
  3. Thanks all! Progress is painstakingly slow but I'm getting there! 😎 The biggest challenge will be to get the grey maile lei correct on the top and belly of the fuselage. Here is a little sneak preview. I've cropped it to filter out all the incomplete bits
  4. I've started work on another challenging livery. I'm not sure why I do this to myself but I do! A very, very early WIP. The source material for the new livery on the 717 is pretty scarce so I'm hoping I can figure out how the hidden parts of the paint that aren't obvious in photos are placed. To add insult to injury some of the registrations in the fleet with the new livery have slight variations between how the livery is applied to them! I'm working on N490HA which has cockpit brow windows. Don't expect this one anytime soon 😝 I'll update this post as I make further progress (or hi
  5. Cheers guys! Still awaiting approval so she's not available yet. I may do a Delta at some point but at the moment I'm working on another operator's livery 😎
  6. Hi all, I've uploaded my rendition of Volotea's "Marco Volo" EC-MGT to the forums and am just awaiting approval from the TFDi team before she'll be available for download. This one took a considerable amount of time and frustration to do due to the geometry on the rear fuselage and getting everything to line up with the IRL aircraft was a real challenge but I think this is about as close as I can get it. Some creative liberties were taken but all in all I think she turned out well! I purposely decided on this registration because the IRL aircraft also features brow windows above th
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Boeing 717-23S in the livery of Volotea Airlines, named "Marco Volo". This aircraft, MSN 55066 (L/N: 5054), was originally produced in 2001 and delivered to AeBal on the 15th of that year. It subsequently operated for Quantum Air and Blue1 before joining the Volotea fleet in 2015. The actual aircraft also features the brow windows above the cockpit so this repaint is as true a reflection of the real frame as I could get. As of early 2019 I believe that this frame is based at Marseilles Province airport in France (LFML). Features include: Accurate geometry of the livery squ
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