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  1. I've done 5 flights in 4.2 with lots of view switching and only suffered one CTD with the 717 thus far which may not have been related at all. So it's looking very promising indeed
  2. ProfessorMadman

    717 Throttles stopped responding

    Are you arming the Autothrust System (ATS) prior to departure? Press the Autoflight button on the FCP once lined up on the runway for takeoff. That'll arm the ATS to set the correct EPR when you advance the throttles.
  3. ProfessorMadman

    Panel state from the previous version

    The persistence XML files for each frame are stored in your My Documents folder. I'm not sure if the update overwrote the existing persistence file with a new one (doesn't appear to in my case based on time/date stamp) but you can find them here: C:\Users\{username}\Documents\TFDi Design\717\Persistence If you have a previous one for your aircraft registration with your tuned panel state you can probably overwrite the old one to get your aircraft state back to what it was in. I'm not sure if it captures all parameters like lighting but it's worth a try.
  4. ProfessorMadman Feedback

    You didn't happen to do a PACK OFF departure, did you?
  5. ProfessorMadman

    Cold and Dark Gnd Pwr Gen switches in On position

    By the looks of it the ENG and APU GEN switches are always left in the on position. Not sure about the external power. This is from the Boeing FCOM under the initial cockpit preparation procedure:
  6. ProfessorMadman feedback

    @foobar @gamesyns I already logged a bug report for this on Saturday and Joshua acknowledged the issue:
  7. ProfessorMadman

    P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    FWIW I'm running @1440p. I've done quite a few Hawaiian hops now at both 4096 and 2048 resolutions and have had successful flights with both resolutions but also crashed with both (and the ones that were successful involved a LOT of view switching). Next try is like Skipy with 1024x1024 but that'll come after a week as I'm off on holiday next week.
  8. ProfessorMadman

    Auto Pilot/FD

    I get this too. To work around it I only arm APPR/LAND when established laterally on the final approach course or, in most cases, I fly the entire ILS approach using raw data with FD, AP and ATS off altogether.
  9. ProfessorMadman

    VC panels disappear

    It happened again at cruise before T/D into PHNL (ITO - HNL). It seems related to PHNL though as I never got this before flying into this airport. I did a flight after that too HNL - LIH and no such issue. Will report if it happens coming into FSDT HNL again.
  10. ProfessorMadman

    Incorrect SID representation on ND and in FMS

    Another example, this time PHTO (Hilo Intl) on the PARIS FOUR departure. I departed off runway 26 but it drew a fix on the east side of the airport for the turn. The F-PLN page looks to be ok (climb out on rwy heading, then r/t heading 45 to intercept the R-355 ITO to SADPE) but the visualisation on the ND is totally wrong.
  11. ProfessorMadman

    Data Flickering
  12. ProfessorMadman feedback

    Agreed, very nice update. Still suffering hangs but it's manageable with the state saving feature and FSUIPC autosave. I have logged a few bugs relating to SID drawing and interpretations but this update is really good. A couple of things that has come to my attention and may be due to my lack of knowledge on the 717 so please do correct me if I'm wrong. 1) The WX radar tests fine on the first flight and you can skip over it if you want to by quickly switching from OFF to WX position, however on subsequent flights (without reloading) the radar tests even if you swiftly switch from OFF to WX position. Is this intended? 2) ILS autotune populates the frequency but not the course on the RAD/NAV page. Not sure if it's supposed to also put in the course or not?
  13. ProfessorMadman

    P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    Very, very interesting Ransu. I know that there are people that do not get crashes with the 717 in v4 and others consistently do. I've done further testing doing island hops in the 717 in Hawaii and have had flights where I had hangs and ones where I didn't. Nothing consistent whatsoever and I've debunked my texture resolution theory too lol. I was using AS in P3Dv3 as well with the 717 and never had any problems but that's not to say that some gremlin got introduced in v4 relating to compatibility between these two products. @turbofandude would a forum poll on users experiencing crashes using Acitve Sky or not maybe provide some statistics to strengthen or debunk this theory? EDIT: Ok so I flew HNL - ITO without Active Sky running and still had a crash (again when returning to flight deck after external view).
  14. ProfessorMadman

    Incorrect SID representation on ND and in FMS

    @turbofandude @Joshua Che. another example. This is the CRISI ONE RNAV departure out of PHKO. The departure calls for a climb on runway heading then a turn at 560 feet direct CRISI after a departure from either runway 17 or 35. The 717 is drawing the northern climb fix (i.e as if you are departing from runway 35). It should draw a fix south of the field for a runway 17 departure, no? EDIT: Actually, I just tested setting up a runway 35 departure and it's placing the turn fix for that departure south of the field, so it looks like it's reversing the two?
  15. ProfessorMadman

    VC panels disappear

    Just had similar visual artefacts spawn with on a Hawaiian island hop from Kona to Honolulu. This is the first time I've seen this happen and I've done quite a lot of flights in the 717. Fortunately nothing obscured so I could complete my flight without reloading EDIT: A reload of the scenario fixed the problem. Maybe a one off problem not worth investigating.